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    Can any of you Timber jockeys tell me anything about resurrecting this old combine car as a working 0n30 model? Dimensions or anything at all would be appreciated. Does anyone own any of the Bachman old time stuff. I have been told the Bachman stuff is not realistic enough in the 0n30? I am not writing this to offend anyone who owns the Bachman stuff. I"m just trying to obtain data.

    thanks , philip

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  2. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    All I can offer is this pic. The combine is a 45' made from the Bachmann On30 combine, and part of a B'mann coach. A Bachmann On30 coach is next to it for a size comparison.

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  3. philip

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  4. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    You will have to use a Walthers coupler swing adapter (similar to the coupler mount on Walthers autoracks) in order to get a 45' car to run on 18" radius, in On30. Also, I mount my couplers at a 3' gauge standard height, vice the Bachmann choice of "HO standard".
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    Pete: I assume this Sevierville combine is 45 ft ?. I guess before I get started I need trucks and couplers to recreate this combine? What truck do you recommend, and would they be compatible with the Walthers swing adapter?

  6. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    I would suspect, based on the number of windows, that the Sieverville combo, is 48'- 50' long. The trucks are virtually identical to the Bachmann On30 passenger trucks, and the swing adapter mounts to the floor of the car. The trucks will have to have some material removed from the "end beams"
    (part of the side frame casting) to be able to negotiate 18" radius. This part of the sideframes hits the swing adapter mount, and the mount cannot be modified in the area of contact.
    My combo is 45', because I chose to lengthen it by four window units. You could use more if you want, to be that accurate, however, the longer the car, the harder it will be to use 18" radius curves, and still be able to keep the car on the tracks. I'll "bump" the On30 conspiracy thread (G,O&S scale) so you can check out the discussion between Catt, and myself about the cars.
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    Phillip,who ever told you about that doesn't have any idea of what they are talking about.

    The Bachmann cars are exact models of Jackson and Sharp 35' long passenger cars.These cars were built by J&S in many different lengths and gauges.

    The only possible unrealistic thing about the cars is the 30" gauge and it would not surprize me to learn that they were built to that gauge too.

    Edit-Geez someday I'm gonna learn to spell check my typing.
  8. philip

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    Pete: I'll check the On30 conspiracy group. I have almost posted there but haven't
    for fear of being smoked. Thanks for the info. You added to your combine? Great job!

    Catt, Is this 30 inch Gauge something that Bachman sells? Is it not 1-48th. Now I'm confused.

  9. Tyson Rayles

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    Phillip 30 is the distance between the rails (in this case 30 inches) which is why it is narrow gauge. 36 was more common which is what Catt was refering to. It has nothing to do with the scale. In the term On30, O means O scale, n means narrow gauge and 30 is the amount of scale inches between the tracks. Hope this helps.
  10. philip

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    Truck difference?

    Tyson: So an HO scale truck can be used on On30? I looked at one of the trucks that came standard on the Bachman Combine and there is a difference in size. The Bachman trucks are larger than a Roundhouse HO scale combine truck. Correct me if I'm wrong.


  11. kettlestack

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    Now I'm confused!

    I've stayed well clear of On30 for space reasons but am absolutely fascinated with it, especially after seeing Gauger's photos in here. :thumb: :thumb:

    I just misread Philip's question as being "can an HO scale CAR can be used on On30?"

    I ran into problems converting an HO old-time coach to HOn3. The width had to be reduced! Ever try cutting a coach lengthwise? and the coupler height had to be altered.
    Too many questions running through my mind to ask here but I might just try my hand at an On30 diorama and ask the questions as the problems arise.
    I'm glad my scale rule has O scale on it :D .

    Is there a central source of info on On30 (preferably on the web) where I can peruse the various factors of dimensions etc to take into account BEFORE I dive in at the deep end?

  12. Catt

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    Errol,this is probly the best place for info.but be forwarned these guys can get crazy. :D 0n30 Conspiracy

    You could also do a Google search for 0n30.
  13. Catt

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    Phillip,0n30 uses the HO track gauge but is still 0 scale.The trucks are 0 scale but built to the HO gauge.

    If your building 0n30 freight cars you can use the HO trucks but use Ho scale 40" wheelsets.
  14. philip

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    Catt: I'm building the combine car at the top of this thread.

  15. Catt

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    Then the asumption is that you will post pictures (some during construction please) so the rest of us can be jealous. :D
  16. philip

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    Catt: Will 40 inch wheels work on passenger equipment? I have no clue of how to start except at the bottom and work up.

    philip :)
  17. Catt

    Catt Guest

    They should be quite workable.

    FWIW-If you are totally scratchbuilding this car I suggest you visit your LHS and order the B-mann passenger car trucks to start with.If your kit-bashing then you already have the trucks.

    Got anymore questions? Post'em and we will do our best to help.

    EDIT-I forgot to mention that I believe Walthers has these trucks,if not you can order them directly from Bachmann.
  18. Lighthorseman

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    If I May Interject Here...

    I would like to point out that Bachmann has recently ANNOUNCED separately available combines in On30...but they haven't been shipped yet.

    Here's the rub. Up to now, the only way to get one of these has been to purchase a whole set. If you already have a combine, this is all redundant, and for that, I appologize. However - if you don't, it would be best to hold on for a bit, as they'll soon be available for purchase in the mid twenty dollar (US) range. Up to now, the only source for separate combines has been Ebay - and they went for a premium.
  19. philip

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    Thanks Steve! this might be a little easier now. maybe a kit bash.

  20. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    , but if you do, the truck sideframes will be half the size of those on the combine you are modeling.
    The beauty of On30 is that there are no real prototypes to speak of. Yes, 30" gauge was used in Hawaii, and in a few isolated lumber operations in the continental US, but for the most part you are free to do what you like.
    You can use HO scale track, mechanisms (Shamus has shown us some really beautiful examples), and some body panels. The scale is 1/4"=1', so if you are going to model (kitbash/modify) a prototype car, then, the usual commitment is to scale. For your project, I'd recommend getting the Bachmann On30 passenger trucks, if not the whole combine.

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