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  1. michalfox

    michalfox New Member

    I'm new to n-scale, and I'm wondering the most realistic way of creating sidewalks. Also I've been looking for mobile homes in "n". Anybody with suggestions for these things would be appreciated.
  2. roryglasgow

    roryglasgow Active Member

    For mobile homes, try NuComp Miniatures, Inc. Their web address is, and they specialize in mobile homes. You can even buy an entire set of kits to build a complete mobile home park! You might want to ask someone at NuComp how they do their sidewalks, too.

    Also, check out AMI Instant Roadbed: Their product is a sort of rubber that can be easily molded and painted to make sidewalks, streets, crossings, and (of course) track bed. They have several examples on their website. I once tinkered with their product for use as a track bed, and was very pleased. I still have some left and will be experimenting with using it for sidewalks and city streets sometime in the near future.
  3. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    Hi Micalfox!
    Welcome aboard!
    My favorite material for N scale sidewalks is .020 sheet styrene, painted light gray, or concrete, & weathered.
    AS far as mobile homes, there's one in the Walther's catalog - made by Industrial Heritage - part #356-2150
    Good Luck!
  4. shamus

    shamus Registered Member

    Hi michalfox, Welcome to the gauge,
    for sidewalks, depending on what era you are modelling, but I have used 1/8" stripwood for board walks in N-scale, two side by side looks nice.

    Cheers Shamus


    NARA Member #24
  5. Catt

    Catt Guest

    Well michalfox since I'm the moderator for Nscale I guess I'll add my welcome to you right about here. [​IMG]

    Evergreen the styrene people make sidewalk sheets that you can use also.

    Glad to have you aboard [​IMG] Feel free to ask any questions you have there are alot off great people here.

    Catt! NARA#1 & A freelancer for life
  6. Furtak

    Furtak New Member

    Would you happen to have the website for Evergreen?
  7. Catt

    Catt Guest

    Furtak,welcome to the Gauge. I have not been able to find a website for Evergreen. Maybe someone else here will know and post it for both of us. [​IMG]

    Catt! NARA#1 & A freelancer for life
  8. roryglasgow

    roryglasgow Active Member


    I can't find a website for Evergreen Scale Models, either, but N-Scale Supply ( carries a lot stuff by them. I've never done business with N-Scale Supply, so I can't vouch for them...

  9. Furtak

    Furtak New Member

    I appreciate everyones reply to this. I think I've used their side walk before but wanted to see a picture. Not a problem.

    Rory, thanks for the link. It appears to have good supplies.

    Once again thanks for everyones feed back.

    To answer the original thread: I use styrene and joint compound (the universal constructor). Around the edges of the styrene I add a small square styrene strip to simulate curbs.

    I spoke to someone in Tampa who used small tile flipped over and sanded down for older looking streets.

    Jason Furtak, Boynton Beach, Florida
  10. michalfox

    michalfox New Member

    Thank you all for your great help. Ive looked in my local hobby shops, and been unable to find modern sidewalk patterened styrene, bummer for me. It looks like the trailers from nucomp will fit the bill nicely.
    How about picinic tables, and park type fixtures? Anyone seen anything like that?
    Once agasin thanks for all your help.
  11. Furtak

    Furtak New Member


    You may want to start a new thread when you switch topics.

    As for the picnic tables Walthers has a few picnic tables on their list. I remember seeing some good picnic tables in their catalog. If you go to the Walthers website at in their search type in picnic tables. Try this link from them as well to get you started:

    Hope this helps,

    Jason Furtak, Boynton Beach Florida
  12. Virginian

    Virginian Member

    Would the dense styro meat trays work??? I'm washing and saving all ours for future scenery construction (bulkheads for hills and mountains etc.) I don't know if they'd be thin enough... I'll experiment and let you would razor them into strips, and very thinly and faintly score to simulate joints,though I doubt you can actually see side walk cracks from, oh, 300 feet up (my wild guess of the scale) without binocculars!! then paint appropriate shade of grey, dull coat finish if you use reg. artist acrylic...but a flat latex should work....I hate to buy something if there's a recyled material that can be made to work!!!

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  13. Drew1125

    Drew1125 Active Member

    I've always ordered my sheet styrene through Walther's.
    For sidewalks, I first scribe expansion joints with a hobby knife & straight edge, then I paint a light gray. Next, I weather them with black, & earth colored washes. The wash will flow into the scribed joints, making them really stand out.

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