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  1. spurline

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    :D Ok guys let me throw this up the flagpole and see if anyone else salutes it.....

    In different times of building the layout I have opted to go traditional and buy the sheets of styrene for base's and sidewalks.Ok it wasn't that pricy to do,BUT......I think I have stumbled on something more economical,now I'm sure that you all have a dollar general store in your area,at least here in the US.Go to the housewares isle and there you will find peel and stick flooring tile,3 for $1.00 the thickness is only off ever so slightly,I bought the grey marble tone,set it in the area I was going to use it in,penciled in the cut and curb line,spray panited accordingly,scribed in my expansion joint lines,peeeled and placed.Try it let me know what you think.In math terms I bought $10.00's worth and got 30 peices pf 12x12 area to work with.
    As always thanks for the time.
  2. MilesWestern

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    Been watching "12 angry men" (1957) have we? :D :D

    See here if you don't know what I mean.
  3. stripes

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    Sidewalks and building base

    Hi Mike, We have almost the same method! I go to the dollar store and in the crafts section buy 8 1/2 x 11 pieces of foam (same thickness) 5 for a $1.00
    Then I just glue them in place, and use "Stucco Coat" gray for the sidewalks. When I am ready I can add parking areas, grass lawns, etc... and blend in with the rougher terain.
    here are a couple of pictures. The really awsomw thing about this foam is you can push on the stucco and it will crack alittle, adding that stressed look to the sidewalk.



  4. MilesWestern

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    WOW! Stripes, your layout is great! love the underpass! Could you give us a layout tour in a seperate thread? Good idea with the foam, I might have ti try that! :thumb:
  5. spurline

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    foam or tile

    :wave:Hey dave great idea,but one question remains.are you going to be able to put street lights up without them leaning.Here in the picture I'm showing you the street lights are nailed in place,but with yours if you decide to put street lights up you might have to glue them in place,will the foam hold the lights after they are glued?:wave:

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  6. stripes

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    Miles, Just moved layout into rec room when daughter and grand kids moved out! YAHOO!
    So, that is far as I am on a 8'x8' layout. Will keep posting pic`s

    Spurline, I was going to trace out the footprint of lights, and nail to plywood. As far as signs, parking meters, etc... they will be drilled and glued.


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