Siatki 3.2.8

Discussion in 'Software' started by shoki2000, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. shoki2000

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    Siatki v.3.2 allows unfolding of 25 different standard objects, plus, by using the Creators, can unfold objects limited by two flat surfaces (any shape and placement). Siatki software can also unfold toroids. Surfaces can be defined by the user or imported as DXF files.
    Software allows also to insert panel lines on the created skins.

    Please visit for more details and to download this program.

    Registerd users of v.2.53 can ugrade their software free of charge.
  2. dre

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    is there a way to put it on the English language? :roll:
    it looks good do
  3. shoki2000

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    It is in English.
    Maybe a bit shaky.... :roll:

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