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Discussion in 'DCC & Electronics' started by eric halpin, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. eric halpin

    eric halpin Eric Halpin


    I have just acquired a Proto 2000 GP7 with DCC and sound on board. Fabulous looking unit and GREAT sound. The problem I have is how do I shut down, to quiet mode, the loco when I am done operating for a bit? With my Digitrax DCC I can easily stop running it but with the sound unit, the diesel keeps on doing its idle sound thing. What I have done is press the 'select' and then the 'mode' button to 'release' the unit from my throttle but the loco still has active sound. By then shutting down all power to the track and then refiring up power the loco then stays quiet. There must be a better way to quiet a loco then to down power for a moment!! What is the preferred procedure?

  2. UP SD40-2

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    Eric, if your engine came WITH the sound in it, it has QSI sound:winki: . to shut the sound off you can do 2 different things;
    1- hit the F8 key once, this will mute the sound. to turn the sound back on, just hit the F8 key again, or the F6 key:thumb: .
    2- to shut the engine down completely, hit the F9 key fast twice, you will hear a long air release:winki: , now hit the F9 key AGAIN twice, now you will hear the engine shut down, and the driver will open the door and leave the cab:winki: (QSI sound is AWESOME:thumb: ).

    OR, if you or someone else has put a sound decoder in it...i would have to know what kind it is before i can advise you as to what to do:winki: .

    Hope that helped:thumb: .
    :deano: -Deano
  3. eric halpin

    eric halpin Eric Halpin

    DCC sound shut-down


    Great stuff. I tried the F8 function and alls nice and quiet again. I have an older Digitrax that only supports up to 8 functions. You are bang on correct in that the sound is fabulous. Never heard it before yesterday and am absolutely stunned by it. It has opened up a whole new dimension to model railroading for me. Many thyanks for the info.

  4. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Welcome to the world of sound Eric:wav: :mrgreen: :thumb: . i have found that sound has improved the joy of this GREAT hobby by 1000x!:winki: . VERY ADDICTING any engines you might have without sound probably wont get run till you put sound in them:twisted: . i am so addicted to sound i couldn't imagine being without it now...:oops: ...(i use Prodigy Advance, 20 sound/lighting functions:mrgreen: , and the NEW Prodigy Advance Squared has 28!!:eeki::thumb: ). I too have a P2K GP7:thumb: , i hope you enjoy yours as much as i do mine:winki: . GLAD to have been of some help:smilie: .
    :deano: -Deano
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    Sound is why I went DCC. Now they offer it in DC. I don't know if I would have went DCC if DC sound was availible 2 years ago. But now that I am DCC I love it. It is so simple to operate, I use the prodigy advanced system and love it.
  6. UP SD40-2

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    Charlie:wav: , SO GLAD you joined us PA users!:winki::mrgreen:

    hey, if your E7's are proto's with QSI sound, i use the f6(#6) key to start the engine back up:winki: . hope this helped:thumb: . good luck, and i hope you enjoy your new system:mrgreen: .
    :deano: -Deano
  7. UP SD40-2

    UP SD40-2 Senior Member

    Charlie:wav: , try this on your QSI engines, if the number on it is...lets say #945, then program it to be #45, that should help:winki: . EDIT: I am just guessing thats your problem, i can put four digit addresses in my QSI engines, and two digit addresses, but have had problems with three digit addresses on a couple of them:frowns: , by changing my three digit addresses to two digits, it solved the problem:thumb: .

    :deano: -Deano

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