Shunichi Makino's Tie Interceptor

Discussion in 'Science Fiction & Fantasy' started by Jadriancz, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. Jadriancz

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    Has anyone else built this model?

    Since there are no instructions for this build, I seem to have hit a snag on assembly. The only image I can find is the first one which doesnt provide a clear view of areas 1, 2 and 3 in the second picture.

    Area 1, appears to have another part that isnt on the build sheets.

    Area 2, I would assume should have the little fork pieces from the extra parts pic but I am not sure.

    Area 3, also looks like there is build up that are not included.

    The cockpit area (pic 3 & 4) doesnt appear to really fold and attach per the image

    There were also additional parts (Pic 5) that were on the pdf that dont appear to have a clear indication on where they are placed on the model.

    I downloaded the files from this location..

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  2. zathros

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    Part number two (Red Circle) is on the bottom of the 2nd .pdf, that piece folds in half. . The other parts, well, to be honest, beats the hell out of me? I think the picture is a prototype. You may have to "wing" it from here on. Sorry can't be of any more help. I figured this post would bump the thread, there are much better models of this craft out there. Not sure about this exact mode, just know that I have seen some extremely detailed ones. ;)
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    I have also seen great detailed japanese ones.:). I even have one - in very very flat state, but hopefully some day I will add another dimension:). (Sorry for not much usefull post, I don't know this model)
  4. Jadriancz

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    Yeah, I also have uhu02's models but wanted to try this one prior to doing the super detailed one.. I did get pointed to this site for better pics. evidently the fork type items are actually supposed to go on both sides of the guns/cannons (area 2). The ones below get mounted on the cross-brace for the wings and cockpit (areas 1 & 3) connection. I am still trying to figure out the bigger white pieces.

    It actually required page 2 to be printed twice to do the solar panels. So it's actually a 3 page kit.

    Thanks for the help and the bump!
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    Well, that's what we're here for. Not only that but when you post the pictures of what goes where, you will help people out in the future. It would be helpful for you to post the pictures you find. Download the pictures to your computer, the use the 'Upload a File" to upload the pictures to the forum. Linking photos will soon be disabled on this forum. Everything must be uploaded to Zealot. This is to prevent any security problems and will be happening very soon. People's photos always remain their property and they can remove them, the thread however will be deleted. A thread about a model being built is worthless without pictures. So, pictures, please!
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    Well this one is also in the recycle bin, gf crushed it when she put something in the box I had it sitting in while I was working on the AT-ST. Will retry this one in the future as well.
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