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    The Rushville Rocket, huh? Well, for better or worse, warts and all, I am a fan too.

    This particular engine came factory painted and numbered from Atlas. The paint I used to touch up the details and DB blister was Modelflex engine black, and Polly Scale Acrylic reefer white. I normally prefer Polly Scale because it brush paints better for me, but the Modelflex engine black is a closer match for Atlas factory paint (the Polly scale is a little lighter black), and dullcote with a little chalking blended everything in. I did have to replace some of the decals (such as the striping on the pilot), and for that I used Microscale's Southern diesel set.

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    Love the locos details 70Runner also the weathering on the SP loco
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    'Ello there, love.
    Where 'ave you been all my life?

    I gotta get out of this thread before I get any more G.A.S.
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    Here's My uncle's GP20 High Hood and GP20 B unit



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