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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by scoobyloven, Sep 4, 2003.

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    i had pepole ask me how much i would want for the n scale model ride i have been working on i took it to the local hobby shop to show the owner what i have been working on and after telling him about it he asked me how much would i take for it and their was 4 other pepole asking me the same thing i told them i don't know i had the guys all the way up to 250.00 for it and the owner of the hobby shop looked at me and said come into my office he told me he would give me 250.00 in new train stuff i told him i have to think on it i got home later that day and told the wife she said did i do it i told her no she sadi why i looked at her and said what do i need she said you always need somthing i told her right at this point in time i don't need anything she almost fell on the floor i told her that i have all of the building i have to build 150 + new rolling stock i have to recoupler and 15 new locos and all that track and everything elseshe looked at me and said i thought you where adding to your layout agin i said i am she said you can use that money for more cars or somthing i told her i have over 350 cars and 75+ locos plus all the ones that are not on the layout yet well she looked at me and said you will do somthing about it so that is where i am today should i sell it to the owner or see what i can get in cash from someone else
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    Why not get the cash from the individuals who want it? Take the money and run! If you're having trouble deciding, you have to ask yourself, will you make a new one? And will it be enjoyable the second time? Is it worth your time? If it's fun, it really doesn't need to be "worth your time", but repitition takes the fun out real fast, especially when it's not contributing to your layout or your friends layout.
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    I sell things alot. It frees up space, and gives me cash which I may use for non hobby related stuff, like taking the wifey to Red Lobster.

    Please, can you use punctuation next time. It is very hard to read a paragraph like that without it.
  4. Tyson Rayles

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  5. ezdays

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    Should you sell? Of course, you can always build more. And yeah, get the bucks, you can use them to buy stuff from the hobby store if you really think you need to, but when you have the money, it's your choice to spend it as you wish. Get to "trade" and you lose that choice.

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    I found myself in the same position during this past year. Something I had build caught the fancy of several other modelers and I ended up building three more and selling them. Consider it a tribute to your modeling skills and benefit from the interest of others.......... sell it, you can always build another, perhaps with those "improvements" you thought about after building the first. And, if others want one, build more. Your profit doesn't have to be spent on MRR-ing!

  7. guppyman

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    While cash in hand is never a bad thing, I'm going to have to disagree with everyone. I would keep it. The time and effort you spent building it can be enjoyed for a long time on the layout.

    Of course, if you feel like reproducing it, $250 can buy a lot of scratch supplies.
  8. brakie

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    I buy,sell and trade all the time..I would sell it and make another one for myself..
  9. shaygetz

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    If I could draw that kind of coin for my work, I'd sell with the idea that I could always do better on the next one. I've never found an avenue where my work would get that kind of return though.
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    Take the cash and run, you have a win win situation. The shop owner makes out both ways, the markup on the items you want and the your stuff he sells. ;)
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    ...ok, get back to me real soon.

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    sorry about the email adress i changed it i been having problems with the old one i had to chane it with all of my disabled sons dr's and they hate when i give them new info

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