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    That's a very nice tank car - I'm sure he'd be pleased with it. The diecast sprung trucks are a plus.

    The box types and different colors indicated the era when the cars were made. The black and white boxes were common in the MPC era when General Mills owned Lionel. Those boxes were common in the 70's and early 80's. The orange boxes were more typical of postwar (1946-1969) and more recent years (late 80's to present). Sometimes the MPC era cars had plastic trucks and couplers, but not in the case of this tank car.
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    Thanks, I thought it was probably something like that, I just wanted to double check before I bought it =)
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    Don't forget a lot of the post war came with plastic trucks. My set from 1961 has all plastic trucks. :curse: What would it have taken to put metal trucks on my flatcars for the submarine and helicopter not to mention the exploding box car and missile car.

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