Short Stirling

Discussion in 'Aircraft & Aviation' started by peter taft, Mar 24, 2010.

  1. bagpiper

    bagpiper New Member

    Thanks Peter and nice to catch up with you around here my friend. :wave:
    I downloaded the model last night and looking to start soon.

  2. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    Hey Jim, looking at what you have built so far, this Stirling will come out a masterpiece for sure :thumb:
  3. deckape

    deckape Member

    A HARDY WELL DONE you done one bang up job on the old Elephant. I like the old sterling bomber in deed sir she was englands first Heavy bomber. The short brothers designed some really nice looking aircraft. I would love to build one of these. Of all English Bombers the Avro Lancaster is my Favorite.617 Squadron the Dam busters old Barnes Wallace was hell of an inovator, Working for Vickers aircraft and desisging the bounceing bomb was an engineering marvel. Here is a attached picture of My Avro Lancaster bomber you would love to enjoy. I got get one these Sterling bombers. you done a very Beautifull job on the Elephant

    Franklyn Boats:wave:

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  4. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    Hey........ Cheers mate, pleased you like her - Your Lancaster looks SUPERB ! is she another of your scratch builds ?
  5. deckape

    deckape Member

    Yes she is from card stock light cardboard ans balsa wood for the formers and wing ribs. Got a set of plans from a scale modler magazine i had it taken to the printer and had blown up to 1/32 scale. made the bounceing bomb from a thread spool. there was a movie of the dam busters, It was all English a very well done movie that Barnes Wallace was one heck of a designer, I heard he had his hand in the designing of the Vickers Wellington bomber old wimpy. I enjoyed your Sterling you done a very masterfull job on her I always loved the old elephant.
  6. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    Hey.. Boats, you are a master builder for sure :thumb: I have the Dam Busters on DVD - EXCELLENT film, and yes.. Barnes did have a hand in the development of the Wellington bomber as well as the bouncing bomb. He was a special guy, and did many things to help the war effort. :thumb:
  7. deckape

    deckape Member

    Yes he did the man is a pure Genious one hell of a mathamatician you knew his math well do justice on the bounceing bomb. I have the video with English actor Richard Todd and Micheal Redgrave as Barnes Wallace himself. I love the purring sounds of the those 4 Rollroyce Merlin engines they sound like 4 P51s flying in formation. The Avro Lancaster was one heck of a airplane. Some day I would love to get a card kit of one ofthese Butes. I downloaded the Sterling bomber from on the first of the month I will take it down to my printer and have it blown up to 1/48 scale.I think I will do a little Barnes Wallace my self. I will make the undercarriage retractable. Your Sterling bomber looks wonderfull a great job from a great man.

  8. peter taft

    peter taft Senior Member

    I will certainly be looking forward to the Stirling up-scale Boats :twisted: Gary Pilsworth has two versions of the Lancaster in the Downloads section on PM.COM :thumb: Once again, i am so pleased you like my build of the Stirling - that means a lot to me :wave:

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