Short S-23 Empire Flying Boat

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    A bit of an experiment with metaseq first time I have had any success with the smoothing function. It does some odd things on cylinders but these can be edited out quickly using the scale function. Apologies to all who already know this. I hope it will give me some smoother edges in Pepakura, it does give the program a case of the hiccups lining up the multitude of odd squares.It requires patience but if you like watching things flying round the screen for a while it's not too bad.



    Spruance is up first
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    Alright barry!

    You are the flying boat King! Another one that has been skipped in the modeling world.

  3. barry

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    A bit further on

    The nice thing about these flying boats is they look spectacular even in small scales this one should set off the Clipper very nicely. Drawings rough but it is more for guidance at the moment.

    I am hoping I can put a thick card wing rib in at the joint where the float connects otherwise I can see it being very flimsy and easily damaged.


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    I couldn't resist putting up this Zambian postage stamp from about 1992. I think its the same plane flying over Victoria Falls. You can still see the landing ramp on the Zambezi River above the falls perhaps 10 km up from Vic Falls in Zimbabwe where they would put the passengers up for the night and then on down to S. Africa and Cape Town. Hope this comes through. Its my first picture posting.

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  5. barry

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    Hi Philip

    Looks the same although the markings show it as BOAC have to look that up somewhere. Hotels by the river gotta beat kipping in the airport concourse.

  6. barry

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    Retry at the fuselage texture does anyone know the "font" used by Uk airlines for the serial numbers.

  7. Gil

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  8. barry

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    Good site that one Gil

    Thanks very much
  9. barry

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    Test fuselage

    NOBI I am not or ever will be but it was a bit of fun. I am not skilled at building aircraft so some of the flaws are due to ineptitude. I was using UHU yellow pack to put it together and for some reason I could not get it stick I seemed to have a pretty good joint and 30 mins later it lifted.

    After the attempt on the Boeing clipper I decided to try building it using joining strips and to my surprise the fuselage is at least straight. I used 120 gsm paper but I am too ham fisted with it so if I get around to another attempt I shall use my favourite 160 gsm card.

    I lost track of where the step in the hull was so that is not right and i tried to put too narrow a spray bar in at the aft end which just does not show. The texture on the lettering I shall put down as "weathered" and done by one of the crew.

    The wing spar was fitted by producing to formers one with the spar cut off to shape the fuselage and it' brother to add the spar. I have no idea at the moment how I will fit the wings to it.

    I find sticking a screwdriver into the formers just produces a big hole when I try to do it so fitting the formers was a bit hit and miss. It should have another former in place in front of the Imperial Airways legend to take out the hump in the top.

    Scale is 1/72 (I should probably have made it 1/200) this gives a length of about 13 inches.

    Any helpful or unhelpful comments would be welcome like a suggestion for a good cheap texturing program which will fit with Pepakura.

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  10. Nice so far. I would really like to see someone design the p-5 marlin. It was a great boat and was retired while I was in the Navy. I saw the last one fly out of North Island CA to the Smithsonian in Wash DC. I have a plastic Hazekawa model but I think it would be nice to see it in paper.
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    Hi Barry thought this site might be of interest Short S23 C Class Empire Flying Boats some nice pictures of the boats. By the way the picture of the Canopus was taken near to where I live, no not Rochester Castle, look forward to seeing the finished model cheers Phil
  12. barry

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    Inner wings

    Looks ok in the photos but the left wing is really a bit of a disaster at the wing root. I tried trebling up the root former and stuck it to the fuselage and then glued the wing skin over it seemed to have worked but of course I managed to knock it out of place and did not notice before the glue dried. The right wing was built to plan B. I cut the rib to leave a 1 mm gap and glued the back half to the wing skin. I then put a 1 mm keeper strip into the gap and glued in the front half of the rib quickly followed by wrapping the skin around the rib to the trailing edge, pulling the keeper out before the glue set. The whole wing was then pushed over the spar and glued to the fuselage. Not an elegant solution I know but what the heck you can judge for yourselves it needs a total rework anyway.

    Next trick is to check the engine nacelles for fit which will not be so easy to get around.

    I must admit I wish I had built the Boeing this way.

    Gixergs thanks for the site pointer

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  13. barry

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    Added the tail and fin plus the engine nacelles which seem to fit. Needs fairings at the roots but they will be very thin probably cause more problems.Still from a distance it resembles the old Empire boats.

    I intend to fit the float supports integral to the wing rib which I hope will give them more strength.

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  14. Just a suggetion for the future. You are doing a fine job so far. however I can't help but notice the overlap joints. To make them less visible you can overlap them just the opposite. that way when you display it the shadows are not as visible since you are not loking at the ends of the paper. Light works like water it flows over the object. So think of it like shingles on a roof. Ittook me a few models to figure this out. Unfortunately some models are designed without taking this into account. But I modify them as needed. You will end up with a better result. It is a simple thing but it makes a big difference. Hope you don't mind the input.
  15. barry

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    Thanks for the tip however these are not overlapped joints just bad ones where the glue has lifted. This is why I normally stick to ships but I like seaplanes and might one day be successful.
  16. barry

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    Outer wings and floats

    Pictures taken in a kinder light the float struts integral with the wing rib worked very well. The floats could be better for doubling the number of polygons. Stand off scale it looks like an Empire and one day I will go back and fix the faults probably build it a stand and use it as a reference for what's wrong. Made a change from ships.

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  17. yaniv

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    i need one of your model in 1/33 hahaah
    i like your work my friend :p
  18. Gregory Shoda

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    You sure are creative! Seems like you are willing to take on any project. I wish I had your computer skills so that I could do what you do. I admire your willingness to take risks and to try something new. I like your flying poat projects a lot. BTW, what was the fingerprint looking part?
  19. barry

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    Thanks for the kind words

    Yaniv it would be a bit on the big side

    Greg I think you mean the push in former just too idle to rub out the lines

    David it would be quicker to design a Solent totally different hull could not find a plan for it when I looked



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