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  1. Flanker37

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    Sorry, not sure if this is the right place for this.

    I have a particular soft spot for this aircraft. Especially this one

    I know there is one around in 1/72nd as a card model, and to be honest - its pretty awefull. There is also Aeroclubs 1/72nd mixed media model.

    But i would love to see a highly detailed 1/33rd kit available. No matter what it cost.

    Would anybody here be up for that challenge?

    You would make my day
  2. cgutzmer

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    Thats a very unique airplane. Can you find more resources/pictures? I know a few people that like to deign unusual planes :)
  3. Flanker37

    Flanker37 New Member

    there are a few good pictures over at specifically of the C-23 variant, not the Civillian one. And there are several hundred on, including some good cockpit shots. I do however have access to a full sized SD3-30 from former Gill Aviation at my local museum. And as i worked there some time ago, i could probably be able to photograph any part of it.

    Just let me know what you need.

    And thanks for the feedback
  4. SAustin16

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    Hi Guys. I had to speak up as my Dad was the original President of ShortsUSA (Shorts' North American operation for marketing the 330 and 360) in the 70's and 80's.

    In fact I had the privilege of transporting the 360 certification documents to the FAA in the early 80's (I was so afraid I'd lose them somehow). I also did some concept drawings for the swept vertical tail that was eventually adopted on the 360 (but the result is not my design). Trying to sell the original slab twin fin tail configuration was a big headache for Dad and his sales team.

    Although I'm not up to designing the model (I'm convinced my results would be disappointing), I can try to dig up some resources for whoever steps up. I'll try to find 3-views and such in Dad's files this weekend. I'll let you know what I find.
  5. davelant

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    Worst flight of my life, Redstone Arsenal to Albuquerque in one of those shoeboxes, at a time when the Army was trying to "economize" on civilian travel. An ideal shape for a paper model.
  6. Flanker37

    Flanker37 New Member

  7. Here's a 360 model from Microsoft Flight Sim.

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