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Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by TrainClown, Jun 11, 2003.

  1. TrainClown

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    My friends,

    Yesterday I was doing something on my computer when a train went by my house. I can hear this quite well as the track is not far away. So I went to get a coffee and take a peek out my kitchen window at the train. To my concern I saw three boys, about seven or eight years old, ride their bikes into my view.

    So the boys stop and looked at the train, which looked like it was slowing down to stop. They often stop just out here for one reason or another.

    One of the boys suddenly jumps off his bike as the last hopper car was going by, ran towards the train and disappeared just behind my garage. I thought how dangerous that could be and thought it was a dare to grab the ladder of the last car. Then the other boys jumped off their bikes and ran over there, too. Then they ran back and got their bikes up and prepared to leave. I figured they were ok and went about my business.

    Just now, five minutes ago, I saw on the news that a seven year old boy was run over by a train and got his foot cut off. He is in hospital now. This happened, the news said, in the very spot where I saw those boys last night! I realized then that I had witnessed the horrible accident. What are the chances of that?

    I can't believe what I saw. I am shocked! Stunned.
  2. interurban

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    Hi TrainClown, sad news indeed but what could you do???
    Even grown ups loose there life by stupid or careless acts around train movements, TRAIN TIME IS ANYTIME, and they don`t stop and therefore take no prisoners. How must the engineer feel?
    I have been witness to many shocking avoidable
    accidents, with streetcars.

    Lets hope the boy recovers unfortunatly his life will not be the same.
  3. ezdays

    ezdays Out AZ way

    Sorry to hear that, but from what you described, you could do nothing to prevent that from happening so whatever you do, don't think you could have. The shock has to be extreme for you and I hope you can recover from this quickly. Our prayers have to be with the boy and his family and his friends that were also witnesses.

  4. N Gauger

    N Gauger 1:20.3 Train Addict

    OMG --- makesure you call the "authorities" if you havn't already - They might need your information - The Kid might say he was just playing near the tracks - instead of activly "hopping a train"

    Not good any way you tell this one! But a warning to all parents everywhere about teaching the kids to stay away.. :(
  5. McFortner

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    TC, I am so sorry to hear about that. Being a 911 Dispatcher, I can understand how you might be feeling right now. Sitting there wondering what you could have done to help when there was absolutely nothing you could have done. The parents of those boys are the ones who should have made sure that their children knew how to behave around trains.

    Don't beat yourself up about what happened. Take it from somebody who knows, it will not help. Thankfully the child is still alive and that is what matters right now.

  6. farmer ron

    farmer ron Member

    Train Clown, yes it is a tragic event, there are times when there is just nothing that we can do. I agree with N Gauger's comments, you must advise the appropiate rail company and advise them as to what you saw. You will also find out if this is the location where the incident occured, if it is not then you will be informed, if it is, trust me, it will assist them greatly with their investigation and will give some relief to the train crews knowing what had occured. I also am in the emergency services and have first hand knowledge of these type of events, I deal with type of matters every day at work. As Michael states there is nothing that you could have done, it was all over before you knew it, get it out of your system immediately, talk to a friend or someone. Holding it in and second guessing yourself does you no good. It is a sad reminder of how dangerous being around trains is. Ron.
  7. Tyson Rayles

    Tyson Rayles Active Member

    Sad news indeed, but there is nothing you could have done. That young boy is very lucky to still be alive!
  8. brakie

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    TC,I saw my share of bloody ties when I worked on the railroad..
    The dangest thing I ever saw was a rookie brakeman to get killed.I gave the back up signal to the engineer,The rookie brakeman looks my way and then steps on to the track..I gave the wash out signal but alas it was to late..To this day I have no idea why he made such a dumb move..
  9. shaygetz

    shaygetz Active Member

    Nothing you could have done. Down here they pack 9mms and use a vocabulary that would make Eminem blush. I'm glad to hear the kid's OK and hope you're doing well too. Blessings, grace and peace to you and your's...
  10. Sir_Prize

    Sir_Prize Member

    It is sad...
    The fact that you have a pang of guilt, or such shows this...
    You are still what was called "human"
    Something from back in the forties or thirties, I think...
    When you knew neighbors, or the town (I mean the entire town).
    You did what Ma or Pa told ya' right then and there...
    I could go on... but... I know ya'll in the choir have heard it before.

    Just be...
  11. rockislandmike

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    Have you contacted the local authorities to tell them you witnessed the incident ??? They might be looking for an independent witness.

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