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Discussion in 'RC Drifting and Setup' started by NitroTC3Drifter, Jun 19, 2004.

  1. NitroTC3Drifter

    NitroTC3Drifter New Member

    Hey about to get my new Trinity T-SPEC i was wondering what weight shock oil would be appropriate for a stiff drift setup oh yeah i am going to buy extra shocks to swap out drift shocks and race/mess around shocks. what do you guys think
  2. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Member

    i Have 50 in mine and its good... but try a few out and see what is good for you. Not everyone has the same set up because each has their own way of driving.
  3. NitroTC3Drifter

    NitroTC3Drifter New Member

    Thanx SpArKeY_STi your one of the most helpful people one here you give good advice. thanks alot.
  4. SpArKeY_STi

    SpArKeY_STi Member

    No problem! Any time! And your welcome!
  5. Member

    I totally agree with Sparkey, everyone is different, some Drifters don't even bother with oil because the shocks aren't having to do the work of a grip racer; springs are much more important


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