Shipyard's 1:96 La Belle Poule build-up =)

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by gian7675, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Hi guys! I apologize for the slow update.

    I've found out the problem as to why my parts are not fitting together and some seems to be small or large. seesm that when I had the originals photocopied, the operator didn't adequately flattened the originals. The originals were not laying flat on the machine wall1. The parts were a little warped and thus some were small.

    I figured this out when I had the originals photocopied again for me to make the La Belle Poule from scratch. I did a little testing by having the photocopies placed on top of the originals...they didn't match up :eek:

    Sigh...I can't use the originals for now because card models kits like these are non-existant here in the Philippines. I had to get the original copy from Austria (JerzyBin).

    So now I'll just have to go through with my first La Belle Poule and just improvise all the way until the very end...this will be quite interesting...and rather...eyebrow raising for the card modellers looking at my build :cool:

    During the last couple of days, the weather here was changing from cool to dry to cool again because of the rains...welll it seemed to have had an effect on my improvised formers. The "Folders" were starting to unglue...and the whole hull was no longer was twisting.

    I had to do something. I tried bending the longtitudinal hull back in place but
    the hull was still going back to the bended positon. I had to do some drastic placed clay in the hull...lot's of it...

    The Clay

    I will fill the entire hull with this type of clay :eek:


    [​IMG] solved 2 problems...the hull no longer bended to the side...and the folders were not coming apart anymore because there's no more space :p

    It's kind of funny now because...for a cardmodel..La Belle Poule is going to be very heavy sign1

    I was half way through the "claying" process when I noticed that I accidentally picked up orange clay. Well...I just applied the orange clay in the middle of the hull to be covered up by the white clay :p


    I kind of like how she looks like now (you know...the like of a parent to a very ugly child)


    Theoretically, I can just smoothen the clay and then start on my planned planking style of the hull...but i've decided to continue with the build step by step as if the clay wasn't there. i've got to get some experience on building a complex kit like this...I've got 2 more in storage :eek:

    Here's the page for the hull skin


    Here's the first 2 pieces cut-off


    And here's the 2 pieces on the hull :cool:


    At least the clay solved another problem...I can put the skin on the the hull without worrying that the strips of hull skin not going going on to the formers. least for the 1st 2 parts, they fell into place on the patterns of the hull.

    Please do Cme back and watch my LaBelle Poule grow up...let's see if she would actually look like a ship sign1
  2. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    That clay is a very interesting idea!
    Is it the type that air hardens or stays pliable?
    I myself would try to get it as smooth as possible, so that your planking will also be as smooth as possible, also.
    Just trying to help a little.:oops::mrgreen:

    I think the clay is an excellent idea and I may have to incorporate it myself. hmmmm....

    Cool build so far! Keep them pics coming!:cool:

  3. David H

    David H Member

    You are unstoppable!

    But with all that clay you will have to build your display / building stand out of steel!

    Yeah, do tell us more about the clay, is this like plasticene or play-doe? Does it smell or could it dry out?

    It makes an interesting contrast to my light as a feather HMS Alert!

    (BTH one o my experiments with expanding foam and Depron sheet has gone a bit wrong... However, in revenge, I have been busy building flying models from the remaining depron, thus no progress on the Alert. Experience gained through Card modelling has greatly improved my ability to build peanut scale accurately!)

  4. JerzyBin

    JerzyBin Member

    Hello gian7675,

    I keep watching, quite curious what will be the outcome ;)
    What's the weight of the hull now after you filled it with clay?

    If worse comes to worst.... I still have few copies of Belle Poule!
  5. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Amazyah: thnak for the comments! :mrgreen: for now it's still pliable but some clay parts of the hull have already hardened. I'm getting it as smooth as possible now that it has hardened a little.

    David H: Yup...I'm now trying to think as to what kind of display stand I will use now that she's a real heavy weight :p I think it's like play-doe. It has the smell of clay at first but the smell is gone now. I now this type of clay will dry out but It'll take some time. I used this typeof clay before on a plastic model kit before the clay has dried out.

    JerzyBin: sign1 Yay my favorite seller :wave: I do have you in mind always espacially when the time comes for accessorizing the 3 Shipyard Kits that i got from you :mrgreen:

    Anyway, I tried to make a canon but it didn't turn out as nicely as the one in the archived thread of the famous Cleopatra and Victory build.

    1st step: Cut the canon parts


    2nd step: Paste the "front" and "end" parts of the canon on some thin cardboard


    3rd Step: Roll the canon part to form the cylindrical shap. I used a small thoothpick here.


    4th Step: When the small circular parts have dried, cut it. Be carefull not to drop it. I dropped one on the floor and it took me some time to look for the darn thing.


    5th Step: Paste the circular parts on their proper ends on the cylinder. I also cut strips of paper and pasted them on the outlines of the canon to make it more realistic


    6th Step: Color it black. I used a permanent marker here


    The finished product!


    To tell you guys the truth...I'm not that satisfied with it :cry:. It didn't have the effect of the wide-mouthed openning of the canon and its...still cylindrical. Any suggections as to what I can do to make it more canon like?

  6. Amazyah

    Amazyah Senior Member

    I would use black card stock, or black acrylic paint.
    You can get a small bottle of acrylic paint at most hobby stores for 50 cents to a buck.

  7. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Sigh...Black cardstock is non-existant here. The only available thing that resembles black cardstock here is Black Art Paper =(

    Ok =) I'll try your suggestion later when the Hobby Shop opens :thumb:
  8. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Small update again

    I slightly improved the cannons by using...what else? CLAY! But this time, black clay

    Did some slight sculpting on the front and back of the cannon to get the shapes that I wanted



    I'll paint the entire color black next time when i have more of these made.

    I did some slight painting also. Bought some Acrylic paint from the trusty office supplies section of National Bookstore here. The Acrylic paint is of Academy and the color is Burnt Sienna


    Painted the area where the cannons are gonna be placed so that if you look inside, you wouldn't see a white colored cardboard.


    With the deck on:


    Strangely enough, I only noticed that I missed some small white patches when i was looking at the pics that I posted now. It's probably because I painted the deck during the night.

    I'll re-do the paint again.

    It's really something what a little paint can do to a bland model :)
  9. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

    If I can make a small suggestion which might help improve the cannons further. You could try dry bushing them with silver. Simply put a little silver paint onthe brush, then brush it out on scrap paper until there is almost no paint left on the brush. Now brush over the cannons, and it should leave a trace of silver on the corners. This should highlight the contours and improve the look of the cannon.

    It's a technique the pl*st*c modellers use to highlight texture and simulate worn edges, etc.

    If you don't like the effect, just paint over it with black paint again ;)

  10. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Hmmm...nice idea, I'll try it on this first test cannon before I make his brothers :mrgreen:
  11. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    The dry-brushing technique is one of a few methods that miniature figure painters use to distinguish features. When you are working on small scale things like that it is often good to exagerate details to make them stand out better to the naked eye.
  12. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Booo! i'm back! =)

    Hi guys!

    I can't believe It's been over 5 months since I last visited darn...

    Anyway, re: my La Belle Poule build...errr...I still haven't done any progress since the last pic I posted...she's in drydock on my shelf...

    However...I have good news...somewhat...this is a long story...

    If you fellow modelers have been following this thread before, there was a time that I wanted o rebuild the La Belle Poule from scratch so I had another set of photocopies of the La belle Poule.

    Unfortunately, the photocopies were no good because the hull formers were in different shapes and sizes when I compared them to the originals. I had this set filed up.

    A friend of mine visited me last October and saw my unfinished hull of the La Belle Poule. He was interested in building one also but he didn't have any means of ordering the Shipyard kit.

    I remembered my reject i gave him those and explained to him that they are rejects and he might have a hard time putting the ship together.

    He didn't mind and he was as happy as a clam and took them.

    I lost contact of him but every now and then, he would send me a text message via cellphone and ask some questions regarding the kit. What materials to use, what to do when things won't fit (as I thought, the hull formers were not aligning properly. I just advised him to do some creative adjustments :mrgreen:

    I had no contact with him for some months, thinking that he gave up on the photocopies...and then recently, I saw him again at a supermarket. He was excited to see me because his cellphone was lost and my contact number with it.

    He invited me to visit his room for a surprise. I went with him and when I entered his room...I stood still...there on his small table was a cardmodel ship, the La Belle Poule almost 80% complete.

    It seems that he continued to build it as best as he could...and he documented his build :twisted: I have around 50 pics.

    Anyway, I'll be posting pics of his build. It's an amateur build so guys, don't expect awesome details :cool:
  13. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Here are some pics of the formers that he built for the hull. Unfortunately, the beginning stage of his project was documented on his lost cell phone so no pics available.

    As you can see, he also placed some of the first layer coverings of the hull, did the bow design and added a stick at the bow for effect. (the stick I learned from him is a chopstick that's circular. Quite imaginative :mrgreen:)




    In the picture below, you guys can see that he has also test fitted a chopstick for the mast. The height of the mast will be exactly as that of the template in the Shipyard instructions.


    The photos were taken from his cellphone so I apologize for the blurry images.
  14. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    In these set of pictures, my friend has placed the 2nd layer of the hull (this is the longer pieces of strips going from the bow to the stern)



    Here is a top view of the La Belle Poule's middle deck and the Captain's Cabin.

    If you'll guys will notice, my friend plated the deck with wood. It's actually popsicle sticks. Wrong size but hey...the effect quite nice. Just ignore the wrong lenght and size of the planks :rolleyes:



    Close up of the cabin.


    In these 2 pics, the side walls where the canons are located are already in place including the initial decors of the Captain's Cabin namely the window's.


    Stern view of the Captain's Cabin.


    Unfortunately, he didn't make the cannons. He'll have a hard time placing the said cannons if and when he makes it.

    More pics to come! Pics to be uploaded on a daily basis! :mrgreen:
  15. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    In these set of pics, my friend had added the yellow parts of the La Belle Poule


    Bow(test fitting the deck)




    Again, more pics tomorrow! :mrgreen:

    Might not be up to high stardards with the nice cardmodels here in but hey! It's a jewel for the both of us :mrgreen:
  16. Bluenoser

    Bluenoser Member

    Looks good to me. This is a complex model and it appears to be coming along fine. I am sure that once some more detail gets added, the little problems you see now (if there are any) will no longer show themselves.
  17. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Thanks Bluenoser! Actaully, it's already 85% finished. It has sails already :mrgreen:

    I'm just posting a few pics at a time so that the there's a sense of anticipation :mrgreen:

    Even I'm quite impressed at the current appearance of this Shipyard's La Belle Poule built by my friend (mine is in drydock).

    Just wait for a few more days for the present state of this La Belle Poule by my friend :thumb:
  18. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    More pics :mrgreen:

    The outer hull wooden plating is being added in these 2 pics. This is the wooden planking that comes in strips in every Shipyard kit.



    Test fit, close-up of the deck

    Top view of the deck
  19. Mark_1984

    Mark_1984 Guest

    I'm enjoying seeing this model come together. It looks like a hard kit to buid for an experienced modeller, let alone a first kit !!
  20. cgutzmer

    cgutzmer Guest

    I think its coming together very well! Lets compare it to the hulls I have built - oh wait - they have all been recycled long ago (I cant build *(&^&^%$%*(^*() hulls) :)

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