Shipyard's 1:96 La Belle Poule build-up =)

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by gian7675, Aug 16, 2007.

  1. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Hi guys!

    Anyway, I've decided to start building at least of of the 3 Shipyard Models I bought from JerzyBin of :wave:

    I don't want to start off on the 2 bigger ones because this is my first time in building a complex paper model model (and by jaws really dropped when I was looking at Shipyard's instructions :eek:)

    So, I decided to strat on the smallest of the 3 namely the French Frigate La Belle Poule :mrgreen:


    The first challenge was looking for specific sizes of cardstock... unfortunately... the office supplies here don't seem to understand what I'm looking for...they kept referring me to an artist's Illustration board which is too thick.

    I decided to improvise to make my own cardstock. I bought some cheap office file folders wherein I think that glued together with the pattern from the Shipyard Kit would be a good if not perfect fit.

    Bought my supplies folder, glue and basic tools, scissors and cutter


    And thanks to the B-Manic, dansls1 and Amazyah that identified plashpilat's cutting mat, i was able to get one too (Amazyah, thnaks for the self-healing tip! :wave:)


    Day 1:

    Cutting the patterns.



    After pasting the patterns, I applied paste on the inside of the folders to glue them together.


    I immediately encountered a problem with my improvise method, I had to apply paste generously on the inside of the folder to lock them together...but It seems that the folder was warping becasue of the glue :( .

    Day 1 and a major problem has already emerged. Warped formers would not do good for the La Belle Poule...sigh! I decided to gamble and continued pasting the Hull formers onto my improvised cardstock method. I'll then place the parts under one of my heavy boxes in my room. Hopefully, the weight would flatten the folders back into position.

    Day 2: 24 Hrs later

    After arriving from work, I immediately retrieved the hull formers and Eureka! The folders are back into position again! Yay! :)

    I excitedly started cutting the formers for the hull. I deliberately didn't cut right away to the form of the pattern, it didn't seem right for me so i cut all 20 hull formers to separate parts first.


    I then cut the shape of the part with scissors, the smaller parts with the cutter that I bought .


    I was already falling asleep so I decided to stop on Hull Former II.

    Day 3: Continuing the cutting of the hull formers
    Anyway, I finished cutting 10 hull formers and i'm quite happy with the way they are. I hope i'll make more progress today since it's my day off and I have all night tonight for La belle Poule.


    I wanted to see if my work is quite ok, so I lined up the hull formers...if they won't line's going to be a very weird(or rather warped) looking La Belle Poule...aligning the 10 formers on my mat...


    I think this is going to be one of my best looking card mode (my total number of card models projects is 2 wherein this is the second one). So I'm going to give myself a pat on the back :mrgreen:)

    So today is Day 4. I'll try to post an update tomorrow :wave:

    I hope you guys will enjoy my build-up and hopefully, member will be giving me some tips on future problems. I have 100% confidence on building the hull...but the mast, sails and most of all, the rigging is a totally different thing...I'm only 25% sure i can pull the off the mast, sails...and the rigging.
  2. Teamski

    Teamski Member

    Great start on the ship!! It makes me shudder how you get the curves right on the hull....:eek:

  3. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    Thanks for sharing. I love seeing this kind of documentation of builds.
    One 'tip' - look into 3M type 77 spray adhesive - it works very well for laminating, and seems to resist warping compared to other laminating glues I've used ;) I do keep all my laminated sheets under an old college textbook (Organic Chemistry - so it's pretty heavy) overnight to help keep them flat regardless - but using thin white glue would still occassionally warp anyway.
  4. pashlispaht

    pashlispaht Member

    Ditto on the spray adhesive. I also use "superglue" on any sharp edges/projections to keep them from delaminating or getting damaged.
  5. David H

    David H Member

    Jings, you beat me to her! But doing a great job!

  6. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Day 4: Hull Formers 90% complete and test fit.

    DavidH: You're gonna build one too? Pls do! :thumb: it's better that 2 peeps build this least I know now who i can talk to if I ran into some problems sign1

    Teamski: thanks! really gave me a headache at first but I developed a technique and it was a piece of cake after I got the hang of it :mrgreen: I just used scissors to cut the shape of the hull ndividual latitudinal formers.

    dansls1 & pashlipat: 3M type 77 spray adhesive eh? Thanks for the tip. I'll look into it...haven't seen one in the local bookstore here...but maybe they're out of sight. better ask them during my next visit. I realy need it because the glue that I used seems to be weak. The edges of the patterns are starting to peel off on the hull formers. oh well, at least they're out of sight.

    Day 4: Hull Formers 90% complete and test fit.

    Ok. I've been cutting like mad today and I've finally cut the last 10 latiudinal formers that make up the hull. I was also able to cut the longtitudinal portion that will hold the hull formers.

    One oddity about Shpyard's La belle Poule kit is that...welll...she seems to have some errors. A very uncommom trait for other shipyard kit build-ups that I've read here. One error is that the drawings wherein you should cut for the latitudinal hull and deck are slightly wrong.

    The drawing on the part says to cut up to here...but when you fit it on the longtitudinal's too short so you have to cut some more to slide it down to the right height. Minor erros that can easily corrected but I was really surprised by this.

    I've jotted down the hull numbers that had the errors...but I somehow misplaced the paper...sigh!

    Test fit :mrgreen:

    I'm really proud of how's she's progressing and how she looks now :mrgreen:
    I still haven't glued them all together yet. I'm still contemplating on doing some strengthening on the deck formers by taping them together before glueing them permanently.

    I'd better look for that 3M laminating spray...the edges of the patters are staring to peel =(




    I didn't like the idea of my dry fitted hull formers to be lying on it's side, so I made a simple stand to keep her standing upright.

    I used the pattern for the dispay stand and pasted it on a slightly thicker cardboard.


    I sliced the middle of the 2 display stands so that the Lontitudinal Former will slide into the slot making it easily to stay up.

    Here is what it looks like after the I slid the longtitudinal hull into the slot.



    I wish I have a very beautiful model like (pashlipat's wife) :thumb: to hold my La belle Poule...for now my improvised displaystand will suffice :mrgreen:





    I'll be starting on the deck planking very soon but I need some help, answers and suggestions from ship experts here in cardmodels :wave:

    One question is that British Shipyard ships that I've been seeing have a brown deck planking that modelers are placing...would the same color apply to the French frigate La belle Poule? :confused:

    Should the color of my deck planking be:
    - lighter
    - darker
    - medium in color

    I have some comparisons here, can anybody suggest which color among the samples beside the shipyard part will do?

    The leftmost part is the Shipayrd part, the 3 different shades of brown are the choices.


    Thanks guys!
  7. David H

    David H Member

    Well the next but one or two projects!

    I am currently building Shipyards cutter HMS Alert (1:96 traditional kit) ... build thread to come soon! I also have my next project on the stocks so La Belle Poule will have to wait...

    Like you i have a dread o rigging but I know of some good books, pricey but they will just have to be bought!

    One tiny comment, your formers look very thin and insubstantial, you will have to be very careful handling the hull while covering it in the outer skins...

  8. barry

    barry Active Member

    I would stick with the shipyard part
  9. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Wow...HMS Alert...I was supposed to buy them also at JerzyBin's online shop but he ran out of them when i bought the 3 wall1

    What are the tittles of the books? I'll look into them :mrgreen:

    Gulp...thin? But I did what the intructions told me...(something millimeter thick cardboard to be used here)...unless I misunderstood it and the thickness is of a different size for cardboard...oh well...I guess I'll do be very
    carefull on the outer skins.

    But you're right...when I made the cardboard, I was thinking that they do look too thin and I though it was supposed to be that way.

    No updates for today. I slept for 11 hours yesterday because of the marthon run i did the last few days on the La belle Poule :mrgreen:

    I'll be pasting the Outer skin on my improvised cardboard today.

    Will post pics tomorrow :wave:
  10. Teamski

    Teamski Member

    She's looking great!! If I were building a ship like this, I'd use strip styrene for the masts.

  11. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Thanks for the comment!

    I was able to cut the patterns for the deck to test fit it on the La Belle Poule...and something seems to be wrong with the fitting...the front deck won't slot into place because of the small protruding notches of the hull formers. The deck seems slightly big and they won't align with the nothces of the hull formers :confused:

    The middle deck is a perfect fit though...but the stern deck also need to have some trimming.

    I'll post pics tomorrow...better not forget the camera again.

    Anyway, i just did some mnore pasting today.

    I'm slowing down on the build because I'm now in that part where smaller parts are needed to be cut for the hull before proceeding...and boy...these are small parts! :eek:
  12. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    Deck test fit

    Small update.

    Here's a pic of the pasted parts on my improvised cardboard folders


    Just test fitted the deck.

    From afar it looks good but the front deck and the large aft deck won't slot into place like the middle deck :confused: I'll just have to widen the slots or something...

    In these pics, the bow deck and the stern dek are just on top of the hull formers. The slots won't slide into the holes on the deck as is the 2 decks are wide or something :confused:




    Middle deck. This middle deck went into it's slots perfectly. Behaved like what it supposed to do.


  13. David H

    David H Member

    Hi Gian,

    The formers look thicker today. Perhaps the difference in perceived thickness is purely one of scale. HMS Alert is about 8 inches(200 mm) long and La Belle is what 350 - 400 mm? Alert uses a lot of 1.5 mm backing card, you are using 1 mm?

    Have you considered using thin super-glue to stiffen up the tops of the frames before gluing all in place?

    Your bad fitting foercastle and pop decks are a bit of a concern. I would have a good long think through the components and construction sequence before gluing. Particularly, if like most of us here, Polish is not one of your languages!


  14. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    This might be a little help on the former thicknesses (and if it isn't just ignore me ;) ). A manilla folder has a thickness of 0.26-0.27mm per side - or 0.53-0.54mm total thickness. Typical card stock (for all the models I've bought) is 0.22mm approximately. I don't know what this model calls for - but you should be able to use this information to determine where you are compared to where you should be. It doesn' seem likely that your formers are too thick from what I've seen - so as David H. says, I'd be looking really closely at the overall construction and trying to figure out what you have going on to cause the poor fit.
    One of these days I'd like to have a go at one of these old ship hulls - but I don't know that I'd have the interest / patience to do the sails and rigging - so I don't know that I ever will. It's cool to watch others give it a go though - please keep sharing the progress :D
  15. gian7675

    gian7675 Member

    I'll measure her when i get home today. I came straight to the internet cafe after work. I thought I was using 1mm based on my improvised folder technique...but now...I'm not sure based on Dansls1's info below :confused:

    What are tops? You mean the pointy things on top of the hull formers? I tried to stiffen them up but they always unglue themselves apart for reasons I can't identify.

    Yup...I'm trying to figure out what went wrong as to why they seem too large...haven't glued the entire hull together. I'll try to solve the problem...if it persists...I'll have to do some more improvised work to make them fit. I wish there's babelfish that works from Polish to English...sigh!
    OMG! :eek: I'm only at half the thickness of my formers! So that's why they do look thin :cry: I thought they were at the right thickness because when i slotted them together, the fit was ok :confused:

    I'll be studying La Belle Poule when i get home. If if comes to strarting from scratch again, I'll rebuild her from square one wall1

    Anyway, I bought a stiffer cardboard...but the darn thing won't flattern out. It's been under my big box for a whoile week and it still hasn't flattened out.

    Let's see what happens in the days to come to Gian's French Frigate La belle Poule :wave:

    Thanks Dansls1 and David H for the comments! They're a big help! :wave:


    Btw, La Belle Poule's color above the waterline depicted in the front cover is Violet...or blue or something...but the color printed in the kit is black, does this mean I have to re-color it when the time comes to get it right?
  16. David H

    David H Member

    Hi Gian,

    I sound like an old hand but my experience is only a few months old!

    If I have to measure a piece of card's thickness I employ the following techniques:

    1. Engineers callipers with a vernier scale, measures to o.o1mm or less if you have good eyes (also called a nonius scale). Basic models do not cost much. I have had mine since school, think my grandfather gave it to me.

    2. Pile up a stack of 10 or so pieces of card, measure and divide by number of pieces. Its free!

    As to sources of card, well I used to worry about this then I started to recycle!

    As Barry points out Cerial boxes are normally 0.6mm thick, 185 gsm card c. 0.5mm, backings off note pads and jotters etc. about 1mm, picture mounting board 1mm - 1.2mm, card backing from my new shirts 1.5.

    I will admit to being a bit obsessed by packaging!

  17. dansls1

    dansls1 Member

    I have a 'cheat' - I work with a set of digital calipers on my desk that can measure in metric - so I was checking manilla folders in my hand as I posted. The range is because I checked some individual sheets and a stack of 5 folders (10 sheets) - there was a little variance. When I want to check something, I can sneak them home for an evening now and then.
  18. philkon

    philkon New Member

    I have been buying 1mm and 2mm cards with a size of 31" x 40" for less than $3.00 a piece at my local art store. It is a lot easier than trying to glue layers of thin card together. The cards that I buy are just plain brown/gray cardboard.

  19. David H

    David H Member

    Where's the fun in just buying stuff!

    I have measured and bought card at my look art shop as well.

  20. philkon

    philkon New Member

    Well, I tried gluing the vanilla folder cards together, but it was not much fun. I would have to make sure that all the area of the folders are covered with glue and no bubbles and the edges glued too. With the cards that I purchased, I just spray the cards and lay on the frame cutouts. Building the 39" ROMA battleship, I really needed stiff cardboard to keep the ship sturdy.
    But, that is why this hobby is so great, you get to try all types of material to see what works best.


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