shipyard cranes.

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    I'm asking for a little help. I need some pictures of shipyard cranes, the ones that are used around drydocks, and any one dimension that is known in the picture. If the dimensions are not known, the picture would still help. I'm building a drydock, and need cranes to complete the model.
    Thanks in advance,
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  3. sumpter250

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    Thanks Jim, I'll have to get back on and browse a little after work tonight.
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    Much depends upon the era, as well as the scale. In 'HO' ;Artitec used to make a smalll shipyard , but no longer produces it. They still offer crane related to marine shipyards/and docks. So does Kibri , and the U.S. maker Sheepscot has large moving cranes suitable for 19th century yards. Airfix also had dockside elevated moving crane kit similar to these from 1920-40s era at one time, that may still be available. Walthers.Heljan,and others have made gantry cranes that were also used around shipyards to stage materials.
  5. sumpter250

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    Where I'm working at a hobby shop now, I can check out the catalogs for all those posibilities.
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    A Link and Some Other Info

    Hello Pete. During my career as a U.S. Navy officer specializing in engineering, I saw a number of shipyards and intermediate repair facilities.

    Here is a link to the website for Bath Iron Works (BIW) Corporation:
    For one year and one day, I had a hand in supervising the complete overhaul of a Knox Class Frigate there. The current photos are a lot more colorful than what I remember from '78-'79.

    Most of the cranes were traveling cranes on tracks set at the pier edges. Many items, like large pumps or motors were brought from the "Inside Machine Shop", where they'd been overhauled or rebuilt, on flatbed trucks and craned to holes cut in the side of the ship for purposes of removal/re-installation of this gear. The hole usually had scaffolding outside it. Fully 3/4ths of the cranes were of this type. The IHC #7777 Gantry Crane would be a good starting point if the girder work is fine enough. Model Power #424 should also work. Sheepscot 31232 looks good, but has the wrong type of structure above the machinery housing or cab. Wheeled or truck mounted cranes might be used in the materials receiving yard for off-loading specialty metals shipped in by truck (example--boiler tubes). The main materials (steel)facility would probably have one of the overhead traveling cranes like the Walthers model produced for their backshop.

    Structures would mainly be metal or some masonry, seldom wood (fire hazard). Alpine Models #700-1 (a Walthers number) would make a good outside machine shop or valve shop. Pikestuff might also be a good source. many of these contained overhead cranes.

    Do not forget fences, guards, and security offices--a shipyard is a very secure facility.

    Finally, BIW had a monster specialty crane that could reach almost anywhere in the yard. It could be seen at least twenty minutes away on I-95. This was a one-of-a-kind of Japanese design and manufacture. On a very clear day, you could see it not long after leaving Portland northbound.

    I hope this all helps!
  7. sumpter250

    sumpter250 multiscale modelbuilder

    I was stationed in NAS Brunswick, when BIW started installing the "monster" crane. They were gearing up for the Spruance contract, which ended up in Ingalls shipyard, and costing the taxpayer much more than it should have. BIW could have done the same as with the Perry class frigates.....on time, AND under budget!!!!!
    The Model Power crane is the one on the modules... with the Athearn 200 Ton railroad crane set on top. I'll probably do the same, with an extension between the MP lower section, and the rail crane on top.
    Thanks again to all for the info,
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    I intended to scan these pics in and post them earlier, but it slipped my mind until I saw this post just a few minutes ago.
    They are from the drydock at Saint John Shipbuilding in Saint John, New Brunswick about September 1985. I'm afraid about the only thing you could scale from would be the tires on the flatbed trailer in the center foreground.
    I believe the ship in the drydock is one of the frigates that was built for our Navy.
    And another...
  9. sumpter250

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    That's what I was looking for! I think the final product will be a combination of the two cranes in the background. It's going to take a bit before I have one of them done. I'll post pics at that time.

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