Shipyard 1:96 HMS Chatham

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by OldSalt, Jul 3, 2005.

  1. OldSalt

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    The second kit in Shipyard Nr.12, the other being a Dutch yacht. Started this one while still in a pout about getting off to a lame start with the Dutch yacht. Hull parts are 1mm this time (as they should have been on the other) and I have been double and triple checking the diagrams before laminating, cutting or glueing! Actually, no glue has been used yet - the pics are all dry fit. This vessel is apparently a yacht also (if I am interpreting the Polish text correctly.) No problems so far on this one - good fit, clear diagrams and "by the numbers" assembly. Both of the kits are smallish - Chatham's hull as shown is about 18cm (7.25") and the Dutch yacht is a bit smaller. Much fun so far...
  2. Tirta

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    Hi OldSalt,

    Nice built !
    Please continue posting the pictures.

    Does HMS Chatham or the other Ducht yacht have cannons?


  3. OldSalt

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    Thanks for the kind words. I'll be back at work on the Chatham soon. The Dutch yacht is unarmed; HMS Chatham has 6 small cannon.
  4. Tirta

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    It looks like the Dutch yacht on the shipyard cover since it has Dutch flag, so how does HMS Chatham look like?

    Do you have some pictures? or from the internet?
  5. OldSalt

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    The Chatham a typical single-masted ship of the period. It has a sharper entry than the bluff-bowed Dutch yacht and is of deeper draft without the leeboards typical of the Dutch coastal water sailers. I have not found an illustration yet (but haven't really been looking either...) Once I get the hull framework back together and glued up I will post a picture of the two ships together to make a comparison easier.

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