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    I hope to share your enjoyment, from my perspective seems rather daunting..progress on guns, shed the breech rope as it looked too stout for scale, and added lots of stuff to the guns for more rigging options, guntackle and train tackle if I dare.
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    Saw a special about the USS Constitution that went over the rigging. Good grief but there are more names of the different lines than in some phone books. Its pretty cool you working on the rigging. Other than the ships hull design, its the most interesting to look at.
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    Thanks Beachead! Fortunately there is repetition and some sense eventually when the learning curve is attempted. Complicating things is the fact that different time periods has different rigging styles. Books are a must. It is fun, though.
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    Hi Birder!

    Could you elaborate (with pics, please) on your method for making cardboard blocks? That caught my eye.

    You're right about rigging being complicated by different time periods and styles. Often rigging differed even among different ships in the same class as captains and bosuns had their own preferences and opinions on rigging.

    I have found a book (whose title completely escapes me at the moment) by Lennarth Petersen to be invaluable in unraveling the mysteries of rigging. Also "The Art of Rigging" by George Biddlecombe and "The Young Officer's Sheet Anchor" by Darcy Lever. What books are you using?
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    Hi Elliott! Well the 3mm blocks now seem rediculously expensive to me to purchase, so I'm mass producing them like this

    I have only purchased one text, but downloaded one and one I studied from the library.
    First, local library; Wolfram zu Mondfeld "Historic Ship Models" this is a great starting book, cheap at Amazon used, too.
    Second downloaded portions pertaining to Cleo Steel's original old English text 1794 so not exact to Cleo's 1778, but she was in service to 1812 or so.
    Purchased; James Lees "The Masting and Rigging of English Ships of War 1625-1860" Concise, authoritative, my go to text for accuracy, but I'd still read Monfeld first.
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    main mast details, front fish, cheeks to the hounds and wood hoops and rope wooldings. The card fish were watercolored to match the mast, but the hoops are card from the kit. Working to prepare the masts for the shrouds. The trim on the hull and permanent fixture of the chainplates and details for the bowprit next up
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    Love the vocabulary. What exactly is "bobsprit gammoning," "bobstay", Oh at the words from a earlier post "fishcheeks?" "captree?"

    I would love to see a list with a sample of your great vocabulary and what the words mean.
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    Well, I think at modelshipworld you could have a field day! One reference for download includes all the lines and old names dating back to 1796 Steel's reference on rigging, lots of old names and literary styles there!
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    Here's a up top view
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    working on lanyards for the deadeyes, slow progress but moving forward. (Does anyone look at this thread? Please comment if you are interested and following)[​IMG]
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    I follow with great interest. Very nice work.
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    Thanks Toddlea, I should have known!
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    Very nice Birder.

    My Grandfather in-law builds ships of sail. Plank on frame. I'm envious of his skills.

    You look to have those same skills. I don't know how you manage those deadeyes. Very figity stuff.

    Looking very good so far!
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    Thank you also Eib! Perhaps my tinkering over the years in the woodshop has helped me as much as all the card aircraft...Thank-you!

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