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    Are there any card models available for Paddle Steamers?

    It had been wondered whether there exists (ever has, or is anybody intending to create) a card model of the PS Medway Queen. This Paddle Steamer was built in 1928 and is the last remaining estuary paddle steamer. The Medway Queen Preservation Society (MQPS) still need a substantial fund (£225,000 [GBP]) to add to the money (£1,861,000 [GBP]) granted from UK Heritage Lottery Fund.

    The "PS Medway Queen" during WW2 was requisitioned and renamed HMS Medway Queen) as a "Paddle Mine-sweeper" due to their shallow draught. Early on in the war she and several other paddle steamers were used in the evacuation of children from the East End of London, Kent and Essex away north to other towns on the English Eastern Coast, and in 1940 (despite hostile air and land actions) she crossed the English Channel a total of seven (return) trips and it is estimated that she brought back to the UK about 7000 troops during the "Evacuation of Dunkirk" (this record was only surpassed by a Destroyer). This achievement of an Estuary Paddle Steamer (186ft long, 316 tons) gained her the title of "Heroine of Dunkirk".

    A card model of the PS Medway Queen could be offered to The Medway Queen Preservation Society (MQPS), so that it may be sold by them (MQPS) to raise money to meet the required financial shortfall.

    For more details about this ship and the efforts to get her "back in stream" again see their website - On their "Sales List" page of the web-site they have sets of plans available for modelmakers.

    PS I am not a member of the MQPS committee, but asked this question for my own interest.
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    I'm working on a paddle-tug now, and have another paddle steamer up my sleeve. However, depending on the time frame they're looking for I may be game. Seeing that this would be a free gig, I wouldn't be able to do the research - they would have to provide the plans and photos.

    Let me know...

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