Ships' Gun Barrels: Roll Your Own?

Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by sakrison, Oct 16, 2008.

  1. sakrison

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    I have GPM's Prince of Wales and Bismarck and the brass/steel gun barrel sets from Gomix.

    I've built a couple of main turrets (Thank you, Digital Navy!) and I think I prefer rolling my own barrels. I scan the kit parts, print them on 24-pound paper, double the width of the unrolled part to give it the proper thickness when it's rolled, then carefully roll my own barrels. I finish them off by coating the inside of the barrel with brushable ACC and painting inside of the muzzle with Model Masters Aluminum.

    The color match isn't perfect, but it wouldn't be perfect with painted steel barrels, either.

    I'm wondering if you ship modelers have a preference for using the turned barrels or rolling your own, and why.

    No worries (except for this honking big hull sitting on my workbench!),
  2. Teamski

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    I usually use strip styrene for all of my barrels. It's cheap and very easy to use and paint. Here is a shot of my now deceased HMS Hood (yes, it took a fatal dive several weeks ago :cry:). The barrels were strip styrene.


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  3. Grindar

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    Strip or tube?

    That's a shame....don't have a model U-boat you can blame it on, do you?
  4. Teamski

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    hehehehe..... No I don't.

    Strip styrene comes in strips and in larger sizes in both strips and tubes. I use it for ALL my mast and gun work of all sizes. You can get the stuff on-line or just about every hobby shop.

    These models use extensive use of styrene of various diameters....


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  5. cmdrted

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    I like rolling my own to a degree. US 5" and above are easily "do-able" I find the preturned brass barrels by GPM etc are the best for 40mm Bofors and below, especially the 25mm Japanese tubes they make. I usually build my ships in 1-250 scale and use the 1/200 brass tubes with no real discernable differance. ie at those sizes the scale 0.5 mm differance can be inserted deepere into the gum mounts.
  6. jkrenzer

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    I have always used styrene and paper for barrels 6" or less. Five guns in 1/200 scale look very good and any distance with solid styrene rod and note book paper rolled over the inner barrel to depict the breech end. However i do prefer the turned barrels for the larger mains. They are more scale authentic and relative to the time in labor ar every inexpensive. I used to be a plastic guy and really these models are all but free when compared to the hundreds of $'s you lay out for resin, so buying barrels is a good value considering the hours you can put into a model.

    Sorry about the Hood, I just damaged my unfinished Rodney but hope to rebuild her soon.

    Shown are the Portland, 8" turned, all others styrene and paper, Nagato's 16 inch and case mate 6" rifles and Kiji, all styrene and paper. The smaller ships really look fine with straight rode and paper.

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