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    Toronto Star: Wednesday June 11, 2008; Business Section page B3. TONY BOCK/TORONTO STAR
    Shipping Trains: Locomotives line up for loading ahead of a transatlantic trip.

    Six new diesel locomotives, built by Electro-Motive Diesel, Inc. of London, Ont., stand quayside this week at Marine Terminal 51 in Toronto's Outer Harbour, near the foot of Cherry St. The locomotives were being loaded on to Jumbo Shipping's MV Stellanova for shipement to Britian and delivery to Freightliner Group Ltd., the largest carrier of intermodal freight in the U.K. Hundreds of the locomotives have been supplied to European railways by EMD, which was a division of General Motors until it was sold off in 2005.

    Class: 66
    Weight tonnes: 127
    Brake force tonnes: 68
    ETH index: 0
    RA: 7
    Max Speed mph: 75

    The photograph is from the Toronto Star Webpage.

    There is also a photo showing one of the locomotives being hoisted onto the ship by a crane and a picture of the builder's plate in the actual newspaper.

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  2. RobertInOntario

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    This is interesting and amusing (at first) to see "British" diesels sitting in a Canadian city! I often visit the UK (my wife's family live there) and see the Freightliner diesels hauling goods trains. I think I'd heard that some of these locos were made in Canada. I wish I could pop down to the Cherry St. area to see these! Thanks for posting this. Rob
  3. railwaybob

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    If you subscribe to Branchline, the Bytown Railway Society's monthly magazine, you will get a listing of the locomotives produced by GMD out of London, complete with locomotive numbers, serial numbers, buyer, etc.

    If you're ever in London (Ontario) in the east end by the GMD plant, you can usually see their locomotive production waiting to be shipped out. The trackwork is also quite interesting as it has a number of gauges.
  4. RobertInOntario

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    Thanks, Bob. I remember seeing that plant when my parents lived near London in the 1980s. I didn't ever get close enough to see the new locos waiting to be shipped out or the trackwork, etc., but maybe I could swing by there the next time I'm in SW Ontario.

    I still find it amusing to see what is obviously a very British loco sitting in a Canadian city, but it's obviously not that surprising or unusual.

    Cheers, Rob
  5. TinGoat

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    Gmd / Emc

    Apparently, it is now Electro-Motive Canada under Greenbriar Equity Group LLC and Berkshire Partners LLC.

    General Motors has cut them loose and sold the whole works.

    I guess they couldn't stant the heat of General Electric breathing down their necks. sign1 sign1 sign1

    It's a blast from the past to go back to being EMC...

    I wonder what ol' Boss Ket would think of the whole situation.

    Electro-Motive Diesel

    They produce locomotives for such far flung places as the5'-6" gauge Sri Lanka Government Railway and the 3'-6" guage New Zealand Government Railways.
  6. RobertInOntario

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    Interesting! It sounds as if it's British-owned then. I haven't checked these links yet but Greenbriar Equity Group LLC and Berkshire Partners LLC certainly sound like British names/companies. Also interesting that they manufacture locos for places all around the globe. Thanks again, Rob
  7. TinGoat

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    Nope, they're both American.

    Hi Rob,

    Greenbriar Equity Group LLC is based in New York and Berkshire Partners LLC is based in Boston.

    Think of the Berkshire Hills on the Boston & Albany Railroad and the 2-8-4locomotives that are named after them.

    Think of the C&O Greenbrier 4-8-4's.

    When so many consumer products are built over-seas, it's nice to know that they are being hauled with equipment that's built here! sign1 sign1 sign1
  8. RobertInOntario

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    Thanks for this additional info! Yes, it's good to know that we are making equipment here and exporting it. Rob
  9. jbaakko

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    Wonder if Greenbriar Equity Group & Greenbriar Companies are related in any way. Doesn't look like it, but they're both in the rail industry!
  10. logicman

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    There was a time when Britain made locos and shipped them across the world.

    Now, the rail construction industry in Britain has gone to the dogs.

    Why! Even the tagging is to be outsourced.

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