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Discussion in 'General Card Modeling' started by cgutzmer, Aug 24, 2006.

  1. cgutzmer

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    Has anyone shipped models once completed? I am thinking if I coat it with wood hardener then gloss coat (or matte) It should be fairly sturdy. Since I never got that copter completed for my father in law I want to send him something. Not sure if it would work out or not. I want to send him the eurocopter I ordered from lighthouse after I complete it.

    I have not yet played around with coating models but think it might work. - Thoughts?
  2. swiftsword

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    I don't know about coating the model - that might make it look too plasticky. Can you take some measurements and build a custom box, which can then go into a bigger box with packing peanuts?

    Just a thought...


  3. cgutzmer

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    Lots of people on here have talked about using the spray on wood hardener. I will have to give it a try on a super easy model and see how it turns out I suppose. Not sure if I can build a custom box for a helicopter, there would still be the problem of it bouncing around in there. Definitely lots of peanuts though!
  4. shoki2000

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    Didn't try it and didn't see it, but a friend told me once how he shipped ship model from Poland to US:
    Secured model to the stand and stand to the bottom of the custom size box.
    Placed the sealed box in a much bigger box and whil holding it slightly up to create empty space under it, filled the bigger box with expanding foam used in construction.
    Ship arrived in near perfect condition and only required slight adjustment to the rigging.
  5. Bluenoser

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    I had packed a large wooden ship model when I moved across the country. I didn't trust the movers with it. I made a box with sufficient space around the model so that some pressure on the side of the box would still not contact the model. I made a cradle for the stand in the bottom of the box so that the model would not move laterally. Then I spaned dowels across the box and in contact with the model so that it would not jump out of the cradle for the stand. That worked well, and just to test it I turned the whole thing upside down. The model never budged. This became a necessary test because the mover sure enough turned it upside down, even though I had marked in enormous letters and arrows as to which side was up and that there was a ship model in it. I suspect he did this out of spite for not trusting him (and partially because he was an idiot). I let him pack the other ship suspicitons were comfirmed when I opened the box and found 5 damaged sailing ship models all stuffed in one box with no packing in between.
  6. 46rob

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    An aquaintence was making a video on card modeling, out on the west coast and needed some "stuff" to use as props, to make an authentic looking cardmodler's work area. I took a fairly large carton, and stacked in as much of my prototypes, extra built models, partial assemblies that I'd never finish,--lost interest, etc--gave it a shake or two to settle the things, filled it a bit more, sealed and shipped it. The models were both structures and aircraft and arrived in good condition. Paper is pretty sturdy, compared to plastic. It also has little mass--so it's not affected by inertia as much--as when the box is thrown across the room and suddenly stops. The white glue most of us use is stronger than the paper. I would think that shipping a model surrounded by those ubiquitous foam pellets would be as good as anything--without any need for sealer, special bracing, etc.
  7. John Griffin

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    I would center the model in a box that is big enough to allow least 6 inches space on all sides, and fill the surrounding space loosely with shredded paper (like the strips from a shredder). This will allow the model to be supported on all sides, which will maintain it's shape, and also allow some 'give' in case it get's dropped (practically guaranteed). Then I would pack that box inside a bigger box in the same manner, using packaing peanuts for this one.
  8. cgutzmer

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    Thanks all! I feel more comfortable shipping now :D

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