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Discussion in 'Ship & Watercraft Models' started by lrjanzen, Sep 3, 2006.

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    I am about to start working on the USS Oregon. This will be my first ship. My question is about the deck. In the instruction says to laminate/Print on 1mm board. That is fine,but what about the tabs to attach the superstructure? Also does everyone cut the barbetts and deck hatches after laminating?

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    Hi there - I assume you're building Digital Navy's model of the Oregon?

    I haven't built the Oregon, but the Oslyabya, so I can't say anything about the tabs. As far as the decks were concerned, I laminated them first, then cut out the openings.

    A couple of hints, if you're interested:

    - you can use gray chipboard for laminating, but don't use water based glue in that case, as it will warp the chipboard.

    - Better to use Bristol Card from an arts supply store. Kinda expensive, but worth it. Laminate the sheets onto it with Elmer's glue stick - works like a charm, won't come off and doesn't warp.

    - three layers of Kinko's regular card stock plus the printed sheet equal 1mm thickness. I have used 3m permanent photo mount spray glue to laminate them. Benefit: the result is tough as nails, won't bend or warp, and the edges can be sanded nicely. Drawback: the spray glue stinks like hell and can be very messy - you have to do it outside!


  3. lrjanzen

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    Thanks for the suggestion Swiftsword. I have a second question for all the ship modelers out there. I have been looking at eibwarrior's Vittorio Vento images and wonder how does everyone join the parts of the septum/base and Deck (not to each other but each has multiple section to make a whole septum or base)? They come in 2+ sections and I can't see any joins on the images of the Vittorio Vento. Does everyone add a backing piece to join the two sections? I Have scanned the tow halves and joined them in Photoshop and plan to print them as one section on Illustration board. Then use the suggestion of Swiftsword to glue stick the transverse section to board. Does this make sense to all the experienced builder out there? Is there another thread that I should look at for suggestions?
  4. swiftsword

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    Some people do a superb job hiding the seams. But your plan would work, too. Leif Ohlsson had posted a thread on printing on long paper at some point.


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    Ship hulls

    Look at Christophs demonstaration build on "Roma" at

    You might not get the same result but all the basics are there.


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