Shinohara Curved Turnout

Discussion in 'FAQs' started by farmer ron, Sep 4, 2002.

  1. farmer ron

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    Well finally, four of the five tables are up, a small amount of cork and track is down and the ties are down for the interchange area.
    On one of the corners that lead up to the interchange area I require a curved turnout. If I put in a strait turnout it will cut down the radius considerably. The Peco one that I have is too large of a radi, I have a min 24inch radius (some are larger) and do not want to go any smaller if I can help it. I have a curved shinohara turnout that would be okey for the spot. Has anyone used these before ?? and what results ?? Trouble or not ?? Any modifications required ??
    This is HO scale, with code 100 main line, because I have lots and can not justify or afford the expense to change all my code 100 peco switches over. Code 83 for sidings and interchange area with code 70 for spur tracks.

    Many thanks to those who reply... Ron..

    Picked up some high speed film today so will take some pics and will try post them when I get them back, sorry do not as yet have a digital one.
  2. Vic

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    Hi Ron, I've had several of the Shinahora curved turnouts over the years and never had any problems with any of them. Do keep in mind that they are a power routed turnout and only energize the rails in the direction that the turnout is thrown. Also they take a pretty hefty switch machine to operate them. I used a twin coil mounted on a Rix Rax under the sub-raodbed to operate mine. I'm sure that any of the slow motion machines would operate them just fine too.
  3. farmer ron

    farmer ron Member

    Thank you very much Vic, I guess I will be downstairs this evening drawing in the center lines for a curved turnout.

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