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  1. Peter T Davis

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    I was thinking of buying a Kato Shinkansen set and was wondering if anyone can advise me on these. Where to buy, what's a good price and so on. Probably looking for a seven car Shinkansen 500 set.

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  2. engineshop

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    They are to sellers from Japan that have great deals even after paying $20 shipping and everything I won got to the USA in 5 days.
  3. sidneylopsides

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    I'd say Ebay too, there is a guy in the UK that sells them, he has the 3 car set for £45, and can order more cars for it.
    I also noticed he has a huge Super Railcargo set for
    £115, soo tempting!
  4. Sunburn

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    Locations and models

    There are several places to get them. Newhall Station seems to be one of the better ones.

    I should also recommend Tomix trains. They have exquisite detail. I have their series 800 Kyushu Shinkansen. Prices are comparable to Kato.
  5. PRRman

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    Definitely go for the 500. If you want a shinkansen with kickass looks (I mean more so than usual), you can't beat the 500.
  6. bill937ca

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    Sorry, Newhall Station is very expensive and over priced. You will probably pay twice about what you would pay direct from Japan. All these trains are limited production to some degree and Newhall Station seems to price with this in mind.

    I order from Hobby Search (about once a month) and Hobby World.

    Hobby Search Railroad Models Online Store

    HobbyWorld SearchResult

    Both have English language web sites with numerous photos, take credit cards and ship by EMS which will get to you in a matter of days. Shipping runs from 1500 Yen (about $13.23 USD) and up depending on the size of the order.

    In the New Year I am going to order track, elevated track, pillars and other supplies for a new section of my layout from Rainbow Ten. Rainbow Ten only has a list of items available, so I was not comfortable at ordering from just a list in the beginning. But now I have a better grasp of what's available. One problem that is common in ordering Japanese trains is that things keep going out of stock. Rainbow Ten seems to have a larger and more complete inventory of Tomix items than some other suppliers. It's just part of the reality of a country where is very little space for anything other than a mountain.


    Rainbow Ten list for December 18 which includes HO and N items:


    Rainbow Ten also takes PayPal (which gives you an exact cost including exchange and shipping before you pay) and supplies a quote with shipping before invoicing you. With the other suppliers the shipping cost is not known until the item ships.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: Japanese suppliers are about to go on a major festival which will see many of them close (by about Dec. 28 for up to 7-10 days during which they do not answer inquiries or ship items. Orders placed on the internet during that time will probably be back logged once they return. I know from experience!
  7. bill937ca

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    If buying on price, watch out for "add on sets." Those are un-powered car sets just for extending the length of trains.
  8. bill937ca

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