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  1. its been a while but here is where we stand gf wanted to know what it was like to start a rr and finish it. so we talked it over and we decided on a 14ft x 3ft layout starting with conrail..... but are stuck on a secondary road, maybe you guys could help with that. we were deciding between canadian pacific or norfolk southern. as for the layout i will post a picture of it for you all to see. thanks for your insperation!
  2. Metro Red Line

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    She's a keeper :)
  3. you bet your sweet loco..... i could not ask for anyone better than her:thumb: and your right i will keep her:D
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    You BET i've got the BUG,and I couldn't ask for anyone better either, lu railroader9731
  5. Metro Red Line

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    Hahah you're more than welcome here, but please keep the PDA down you two! sign1

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