Sherman firefly

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    Designers and buds:

    Appears to be some demand for one of these!

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    Hello Fishcarver
    as far as I know, Halinski already designed this model and it is in its final stages, so in the near future this beauty will be published
    check the site:


    and the gallery (you will notice there the prototype pictures)


    and it comes with interior and a masterpiece of an engine!!!


    sit and view more pages of the model. Sherman takes 2 numbers, has 3 versions of the painting, piece of equipment is optional camouflage "zero", British, Polish and most importantly, documented in a known photo .

    Image model at a high level clearly reflects the structure of armor with the unit marks , which are covered with delicate weathering traces .
    In addition, mirrored difficult to form elements (tower, barrel), which gives a chance for the second approach. For the moment , among the accessories to the model are available machine gun barrrels by Aber, and the wooden 17 pounder gun by RB Model. It is a pity that the laser tracks lay under the weight of price and their future is uncertain.
    I hope that the Allied vehicles, particularly in the Polish camo painting , at such a high level will continue , what I wish to Colleagues Modelers, Authors, Publishers, and me

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