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  1. pupparo

    pupparo Member

    Any one know if they make a shay or goose in N gauge?:confused:
  2. Wyomingite

    Wyomingite Member

    Hi Pupparo,

    If there was I'm sure they could sell a zillion of them. Sorry to say none that I ever heard of. Some of the modelers have kit bashed some on there own, Tyson would be one of them and did a beautiful job. Ron
  3. billk

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  4. camelot

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    Found this on ebay , it quite expensive though , worth a look just to drool :D

    also it appears that the gearing actually works as well !

    N scale shay on ebay


  5. hswn

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  6. garyn

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    Now all you have to do is wait for the Atlas Shay.
    Only problem is they have not announced estimated price nor delivery date.

  7. Wyomingite

    Wyomingite Member

    Hi Guys & Gals,

    There are pictures of the on coming two truck Atlas Shay on the N Scale Supply web site. Ron
  8. camelot

    camelot Member

    Thanks Ron for the news , any chance of posting the URL for the website ?


  9. Sir_Tainly

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  10. pupparo

    pupparo Member

    :p I love it can't wait to see one.
  11. txcavgr

    txcavgr Member

    Very exciting news, a shay. I am planning a separate, small layout with a VO-1000 and the shay, as a little woods branch line. Planning on MT log cars, atlas 55 ton fishbelly hoppers, and a wooden B&M caboose kit I am coming out with soon.

    Another pic of it can be found here, my friend chuck went to hobby visions (chuck is the proprietor of the Feather River Train Shop):

    A huge issue for many is a front coupler - for those who don't frequent the big board, Paul Graf from Atlas said yesterday the shay WILL HAVE a working coupler at both ends. And it should be out spring of 2004.

    I bet this one smokes sales records! :)
  12. rsn48

    rsn48 Member

    I bet this one sets a new high for an Atlas price point.
  13. txcavgr

    txcavgr Member

    Rick I would bet we see this with a street price between $125 and $150, we will know in probably 1-2 months. Hoping they have test shots at the springfield show in february.

    If they can hit a price in the above range, these things are going to evaporate! It may be high compared to normal Atlas pricing, but you are getting a very unique loco that has some intense engineering in it. Worth $150 street to me, if it runs smoothly and has even semi-operational gear.
  14. wendell

    wendell Member

    Hey Toxie it wold be nice if it was DCC ready if it does,t come with a decoder in it Wendell
  15. txcavgr

    txcavgr Member

    Yes, DCC would be nice from the factory. No word yet from Paul & co. about that. I suspect it will either come with factory DCC or be a plug in type situation.

    exciting times in N scale!

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