Shay Logging Layout Started!

Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Brewer, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. Brewer

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    As mentioned in this thread:

    I've decided to revisit the old Gumstump and Snowshoe
    plan with some modifications.

    Well, here's an update on my little project. I've decided
    to loosely model the Old Slow and Easy (Oregon &
    Southeastern) shortline, assuming they had survived into
    the 1960s or so. This short line terminated in Cottage
    Grove Oregon.


    I'll be running a lot of 40' (or less) rolling stock, with
    the exception of a MT troop sleeper car pressed into
    service as a passenger car. Primarily SP rolling stock
    with a couple early SP diesels will occupy the loop of
    track and yards with an Atlas Shay working the upper
    logging area. I flipped the plan horizontally so that the
    operating Shay gears would be visible as the shay makes it's ascent.

  2. Brewer

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    Vital Statistics:

    Width - 42"
    Depth - 22"

    Lower loop radius - 9.25"
    Upper curve radius - 8.25"

    Maximum elevation change 3"

    Bench work:

    So far, $40 has been invested in infrastructure at the local Home Depot. Primarily a box of drywall screws, some hemlock 1x2s, and some 1/2" plywood. I have the necessary tools to pull this off, only lacking skill and talent.

    Here's a few photos showing progress:


  3. Brewer

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    Here's another look...
  4. Brewer

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    Another one...
  5. Brewer

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  6. Brewer

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    I'll post a bit more when I've got some track down. I am leaning towards PECO code 80 to minimize operational problems with these tight curves.

  7. Brewer

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    Maybe I'll call it the Cottage Grove and Motocross...

  8. Matthyro

    Matthyro Will always be re-membered

    This is a neat layout Brewer. Small but with interesting operating opportunities
  9. davido

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    well brewer, looks like you use top quality lumber along with great models.
    keep us updated.

  10. Livesteam

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    looks good, who makes that engine?
  11. Brewer

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