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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by Mellow-Mike, Nov 26, 2003.

  1. Mellow-Mike

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    Here's my modification to an HO DPM 103 structure, built as a backdrop flat. Eddie Landreth and Rock Island Mike have displayed their fine handywork previously - so I thought I'd wean a few sighs as well. I apologize for the real background being out of scale and too high in proportion. It was like 12 degrees outside that day, with snow on the ground, and I wasn't about to sit my tush in it to get a better perspective shot!


    The window glass looks doctored up - but it's actually the combination of sun and snow along with the hollow back of the building. The dock is part kitbashed, part Evergreen plastic. The electrical piping/box is scratch-built. The billboard is ConCor (the artwork mine). The sign across the building itself is a homemade decal. The drainpipes and figures are metal, and no longer available.
  2. shamus

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  3. Mellow-Mike

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    Why, thank you, Shamus.

    Truthfully, I never finished that WS bar. I need to one day bring it up to better standards. (I did it over 16 years ago).
  4. Tyson Rayles

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    :thumb: Very nice! :thumb:
  5. Sir_Prize

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    Very nice work!
    Back tracked on the address Shamus put in...
    It all looks great! The detail photos are cool.
    Hmmm... That you with the "special" haircut?
    Never lose you at a show eh?:D
  6. Mellow-Mike

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    Hee hee.... what haircut?

    I forgot that ended up in there. That look must explain why no one ever critiqued my work! A guy with a mohawk... yikes!!!

    Only had it for half a year. Kind of a dare thing. Never wore it to a train show. All gone now.
  7. Arlaghan

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    Very nice work!

    That decal came out rather nice... looks like an old weathered paint job that's starting to wash away at certain spots - neat effect.

    Little details like the electrical box and the door knobs that give this a scene powerful look.

  8. Mellow-Mike

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    Thanks, Arlaghan!

    That was the intent of the sign. To get that vintage building sign look. The decal was printed without the weathering though. I aged it with a wash, some sporadic dry-brushing, and some random spots of brick showing through. It could have been much more weather beaten, but I held back, since I wanted to back date the building from the present. Not sure how far the electrical junction boxes go back, but from the billboard gal's appearance - I'm hoping for the 40's or 50's.

    If I could do modern buildings like you I would be all set. [:)]
  9. Arlaghan

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  10. Mellow-Mike

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    Shoot... I've never even made it to Seattle... and that's only 4 hours away! Eastern Canada??? Be serious.

    I'm not a big N-Trak fan, even for being an apartment dweller. Too much like a quilt of different patterns when everybody's are stuck end on end (which may be a good point to some). But I still appreciate the work that goes into them, and it'd be a treat to see your handiwork in person.

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