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  1. aim1

    aim1 Member

    Shalom to everyone,
    (Shalom is the Hebrew word for "Hello" and "peace")

    My name is Avi and I am from Israel.

    I am a transformers fan (mainly G1/G2) and have quite a collection of transformers paper models.

    I am also interested in some aircrafts (F15 & F16 mainly) and their advanced armaments (JDAM, SDB, etc.).
  2. PloniAlmoni

    PloniAlmoni New Member

  3. g00se

    g00se New Member

    Greetings Avi, And Shalom :)

    We have a lot of similar interests---the F-15 and F-16 are excellent aircraft...Kind Regards,

    PRO-PAIN New Member

    Welcome Avi.
    I'm a transformers fan too
  5. SSanatobaJR

    SSanatobaJR New Member

    Shalom to you too, Avi! And welcome to Zealot! Transformers are most definitely awesome (though I don't think I'll ever try building a model of any of them; too complex for me!:mrgreen:)! Glad to meet you!

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