shak fun!,a tutorial.

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  1. joesho

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    heres the process .1. get a piece of cardboard,draw the shap of building on (all the walls) .2. next cut out, also get some printing paper,cut into thin strips glue strips onto side of building.3.then get some watercolors and paint to your delight!:D add signs,moss or what ever you want,sorry dont have a photo of finished product,sorry will get one later,because i gave it to a friend as a gift:thumb: oh i forgot to enclude,the windows are made robins way :D

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  2. jetrock

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    Wow, a shack so small you can't even fit a "C" on it!
  3. nachoman

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    I found an old abandoned cabin like that once, out in the woods. A nice apple tree was growing out front, and from the tracks in the mud, it was obviously frequented by deer and elk. And from footprints I found nearby in a creekbed, the deer were visited by a cougar. Needless to say, I didn't stay at the cabin too long!


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