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    Hiya folks..... does anyone happen to have a copy of this magazine?? I'm looking to confirm that there is an article called "A Pacific Primer" by David P. Morgan.

    The article was referenced in a book and the website to order back issues doesn't give a full index of articles, so I thought I'd check here. I don't want to bother ordering the back issue if the article isn't there or isn't worth reading.

    Thanks for any help :)
  2. MCL_RDG

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    Call the publisher or...

    Call the publisher or lookup their website and send an e-mail- can't hurt.

  3. sumpter250

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    aartwmich,, magazine article index shows the article in Trains, Sept 1988, Pg. 32... "in praise of the Pacific type 4-6-2".
    There's no indication that there's any photos, or drawings, in the index.
  4. aartwmich

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    Hmm..thanks Sumpter250..I didn't see an article index when I was there, I'll have to look again, then order the magaizine back issue
  5. 60103

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    I have my copy of the magazine in front of me. Took 2 days to find because it wasn't in with the 1988 mags.
    There's a 10 page article on the development of the Pacific type in the USofA. Lot of statistics, a bit of descriptive writing, some frustrating references to other magazines and books. Only 15 pictures.
    What were you looking for?

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