Sept 11 2011

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    10 year ago today the New york sky line change for ever , and with it the life's of many family change ,
    We change our way of thinking Remembering all that fell on that day , i was going to the mall then to park with our son 4 at time , listening to radio in the car , What i thought was a joke on Howard Sturn show .. The word of a plane just crush in to tower number one .. didn't seem real , But the fear and the shock in the voice , didn't sound like a joke any more .. Returning home a turn on the tv change my world and our son's world as we know it .. Seeing the replay of a Passage jet crush in to the tower was something that only Hollywood could do !

    But this was no movie .. This was real !! even as the news caster high light what just happen ! a second plane hit tower number 2 ! this was no accident .. as the news of other planes crush. 4 in all the day would never be the same !

    But the really question has never been answer . Why ? was it to prover we take ever thing for granted or to strike fear in to a nation that have not seen fear with the attack on Perl Harbor ! Many question's were raise that day .. Who's to blame

    We learn that other in the world don't share in our way of life or thinking ! and now 10 years later many more have died to right the wrong hand out that day , but i feel that no side has the right answer .. And that all we can do is remember all that we lost, gained and respect .

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    I agree lets respect and remember all those who died on that day and keep their families in our hearts.
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    I can't even watch the stuff, it still effects me. I posted some photos on FB and someone came in and censored the lot. Having served eight years in the U.S. Navy and worked as a Firefighter I feel I should have the right to commemorate this event, even if I can't watch it on television. This PC stuff has gotten out of hand.:cry:
  4. m9rfzzy

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    God bless america and may we never forget those that make it possible to live in freedom here and around the world.. those that fight to protect us from fear and those that help us rebuild when it seems the world has fallen to chaos. 9/11 never forget.
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    I am still a pissed off a much as I was that day. I am pissed at the then president who was too busy vacationing (he had then taken off more time vacationing than any president, in the history of presidency), and he had been warned by the previous incompetent president of AL Qaeda, and Bin Laden. If it wasn't for the due diligence of all the none politicals, the Firefighters, the F.B.I., the C.I.A,the N.S.A., Homeland Security, your local Police Departments, who have provided the real protection, well, don't think I need say more. Some countries that should have been bombed weren't, some that should not have, were. That becomes subjective though.

    Our political leaders and the news media in general never covered the incredible gift of the memorial the Russia made in New Jersey to honor the victims. People would be astonished to know how man counter terrorists operations we do with Russia.

    The body of the design resembles a tall tower and in its center is a large jagged tear with the shiny teardrop dangling down the middle. Made of nickel-plated stainless steel, the teardrop itself weighs four tons and is 40 feet in length and it goes without saying that the tear represents the immense sadness felt around the world on that fateful day. The materials for the teardrop were reportedly obtained from a secret Russian aircraft-building military factory. "

    Picture of Memorial below:



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    the most historical date that changed the world.
    those people who were a victim of the said tragic event will always be remembered.

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