Sentinel Concept Car.

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    The Sentinel is a futuristic concept car designed by Cristobal Vila, and under his copyright. He invites modelers to try their skill at replicating his designs, as long as his copyright is respected. Pictures of the Sentinel design are featured on Angevine's thread "Concept Car Blueprints" here in Designer's Corner Forum.

    In this thread will be posted photos of the progress of my efforts at modeling the Sentinel.

    The original design has too many compound angles for me, so I simplified the car's shape. I am also doing something I have done on a few other models, but is a method that most of you don't use: building a solid model by layering profile shaped pieces of corrugated cardboard to build up the shape.

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    Here are the plans I drew, including surface details.
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    Some progress.

    The corrugated cardboard pieces were glued together into subsections for the body, then lightweight cardboard strips were used to cover the corrugations around the edges. Lightweight cardboard panels were used to cover the surfaces of those sections.

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    Done, April 14, 2009.

    Here it is, surface covered in colored paper, details in colored paper or printed on by my photocopier. As you can see, I squeezed it in a couple of places while glueing it together. 47 years of building models, and I still make mistakes!wall1

    The Sentinel is evidently supposed to be a flying car. There are jet thrusters on the bottom, toward the front, for lift. Those things at the rear, that look like partial wheels, are jet thrust vectors that control vehicle direction, depending on what direction in which they are rotated.

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    A great looking model. Having just moved I am all over the place at the moment so my model building has stopped at the moment.

    Really looking forward to building the models though. They will have pride of place in my collection.

    Great work.


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