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Discussion in 'HO Scale Model Trains' started by ocalicreek, Jul 6, 2006.

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    Hello All!

    Can anybody tell me the parts list to the interior kit made for Selley Old-time metal coach & combine kits? I know Bowser purchased the Selley line so a couple years back I emailed them and asked if they could tell me what was included in that kit and if I could use their existing Selley Finishing Touches to duplicate it. My hunch was that all the items (seats, etc.) could be cobbled together from these individual parts. However, all I got was a rather curt email replying that they don't offer those kits anymore and couldn't help me.

    I'd like to begin work on my coach kit, but want to know what extra steps perhaps I should take if I'm adding the interior.


  2. eightyeightfan1

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    You might want to look through the Walthers Catalog or their website ( in the detail parts section. They might have something that works, or even something thats made especially for Bowser cars.
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    My memory could be fooling me, but are you sure these are Selly passenger car kits? Ulrich and some other manufacturers made metal passenger car kits - the Ulrich kits were models of the Sierra Railway Overton cars. I thought Selly just made detail parts, and possibly some interior kits. If my memory isn't too far off, I think Silver Streak (or somebody else) also had interior kits for their drover cabeese. I don't remember who bought up the Silver Streak line, though.

    I'm really surprised at the response you got from Bowser. All my info says that they are willing to do custom casting runs of anything they have the dies or masters for, and will even cut dies or masters for you (for a price of course). I've never tried these services, but that's what their literature says.

    yours in showing my age
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    Yep, it's Selley, alright.

    eightyeightfan1: I'm pretty sure the Selley detail parts offered by Bowser would work, and it's my suspicion that they are indeed the componants of what was once the detail kit offered to go with the car kits. But thanks for the good suggestion!

    pgandw: I've got a set (combine and coach) of the Sierra cars by Ulrich and the Walthers detail sets that go with them. I have begun the coach. In fact, the underbody, complete with all piping and brake equipment is done and painted. I started to assemble the coach seats for the interior but got distracted and moved on to another project.

    Now I'm in temporary quarters until we move into our rental house this week, and our PODS arrive sometime this week (hopefully!). But I did take a small box of tools and a few projects (including the Ulrich Sierra Combine, and a Northeastern Models Coach...great kits!). The inquiry about the Selley interior is for the future rainy day when I pull that kit out and want to have a go with it.

    The Selley coach is a bit longer than the MDC shorty cars, and much longer than the Sierra cars by a few feet. But it is still a 'shorty' car. I found one at a GATS in Columbus OH several years ago for $15 and just couldn't pass it up. Almost all of the detail parts are there...the open platform has some great filigree angle brackets that mount just beneath the roof overhang and some interesting railings, like the Walthers fancy railing set. One of those brackets is missing but I've already found a suitable replacement from a structural detail...the Masonic lodge porch railing and brackets...not sure who made it, since it's been packed away for a while now.

    Okay...thanks again for the replies. I'll let y'all know if I find out, whenever I do.


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