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    While i was driving around today looking at what's left of the old railroad that ran through my hometown ii have come to some conclusions. my future layout runs over the old ROW in my hometown and in the 70 years since the railroad was abandoned many changes have occured. the ROW has been overgrown or taken over by paved roads and in one place a landfill stands in it's way. i guess i'll have to use selective memry when designing that future layout
  2. Hi CSX Fan, I find that I have to use more and more "SELECTIVE MEMORY' with each passing year. actully each passing day :D :D :D Just the other day I went down to the basement to get a tool, and had to go back upstairs to remember what I went down to get in the first place. :confused: AT&SF Duey
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    That's nothing, just yesterday I . . . wait, that wasn't me.
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    You are right billk it was me, then again...............................
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    A forgetful friend of mine told a story about trying to remember the need to get a hammer from his basement workshop so he went down the stairs chanting "hammer, hammer, hammer". When he came back up with the tool in hand he forgot what he had planned to use it for! Now whenever my wife or I forget something we say "Hammer, hammer hammer!"

    As for modeling areas after time has changed them, that's where the fun of research can come in. Old articles and photos of the community will help you capture the look and feel that you wish to convey. Good luck seeking old newspapers on microfilm, old chamber of commerce info, regional histories, etc. Libraries and local historical societies are a good start. A lot of information like this is probably on the internet. Do other people have ideas for finding out how that long defunct railroad looked and operated?
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    Could some one help me find my socks????:D :D :D :D :p
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    I might have one...
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    Have you ever noticed how you can put 6 pairs of socks in a washing machine and get 11 single ones out? There is something in a washing machine that will form the basis for the Star Trek-like transporter:D But then again, one of the perils of space travel may be the sock belt, just outside the asteroid belt.:D
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    I think my dryer must be the other end of one of those transporters. At least, whenever I look in it I find a sock.:D
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    According to one reliable source, new material is continually being created in the universe, and it comes into being as paper clips, clothes hangers and odd socks.

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