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  1. lizzienewell

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    Here is my seiner for the day. I haven't cut up my nylons yet for a net but I've got some float corks on her.
    The deckhouse is closer to the right preportions. You might be able to see how the door hatchway sticks up and the top and bottom of the deckhouse curve upward toward the prow. This is why I made it bigger than it should be. The back of the deckhouse is at the lower end of the intial rectangle and the front is at the top of it
    I'm getting down to minor details and tweaking--she needs a crew aboard and an anchor.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Miss Lizzie,

    That looks great! So you are putting them out one a day now? lol
    I was thinking earlier, a hairnet may also work for netting, might even be better than nylons. And while I am at it, I wanted to say, I know there are other ladies out there who card model, but you are the first I have spoken too, and I am really pleased to know that there are ladies like you out there. Maybe I can find me one who will then understand my "addiction" or is it an "affliction"? lol.

    Anyway, great looking model ma'am, have a nice evening,

    Greg aka GEEDUBBYA
  3. barry

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    Certainly captures the look Lizzie and I really like the backgrounds you use to show them off


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