Seen any great Train movies lately???

Discussion in 'Getting Started' started by hooknlad, Mar 4, 2006.

  1. steamhead

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    Forgot "From Russia With Love". 007 (and his gal) spend a good part of the movie riding the (I think) Orient Express. Great scenes of steam...!

    Gus (LC&P).
  2. Dick Elmore

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    :) That had to be a list of the movies that haven't been mentioned on this thread. He left a lot of them out.

    Texas Chief
  3. Dan Vincent

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    Denver & Rio Grande - Edmund O'Brien
    Breakheart Pass - Charles Bronson
    The Big Trees - Kirk Douglas
  4. 60103

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    I bought last year a copy of The Titfield Thunderbolt on DVD. It's in a set of 5 Ealing comedies. It's about the efforts of a small village to operate their branch line when the Railway closes it, while being sabotaged by the bus line.

    I have a tape called The Train Buff's Dream Tape. Among the contents are Pacific 231 and Tocatta for Toy Trains. (Bought from the TCA in Strasburg, many years ago). Tocatta is the most beautiful and loving photography of very old tinplate trains and toys - real tin, wood and paper.
    Another atmospheric piece is the Australian A Steam Train Passes.
  5. hooknlad

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    Spiderman 2

    Heya Hook - long time no see.... Great topic !!!! No one mentioned the great elevated subway scene in Spiderman 2.. Great modelling with this one.. Be good my oldfriend and take care of that back of yours...:thumb:
  6. Nick8564

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    Broken Arrow, I like this one the best. Planes and trains and hummers. They show a stealth bomber. John Travolta, Air Force pilot hijacks the bomber he is flying and steals the nukes on board. Then uses hummers and then a train to move them across the west back to the east. Great movie.
  7. hooknlad

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    Being it was a very dreary rainy day in NJ and im laid up with bone achey weather , I watched " Under Siege 2: Dark territory", one of those Steven Segal movies, most of the show takes place on a train - great effects.. I also watched" Money Train" . That show took you through the subway system of NYC, very unrealistic , but a very cool movie non the less..:thumb: :thumb: two thumbs up
  8. hooknlad

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    Very very wild train wreck at the end of Siege 2: - A head on collision between passenger and feight trains on a very large tressle - awesome !!!!
  9. zedob

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    I watched that yesterday, too. Not one of the best movies, but enjoyable on a rainy day.

    For a more futuristic ride, the trains on "The Island" (not the one about the pirates) the movie about two clones who find out about thier destiny and go on the run (shades of Bladerunner, but still good). In one scene they take a ride on a Maglev train (remember, futuristic. 2019) and the other is a chase scene that has some railroad wheels involved and makes the movie well worth watching. It's on HBO, SHO, or one of the premium channels.

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