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Discussion in 'Photos & Videos' started by doctorwayne, Aug 13, 2006.

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    Wayne, thank you so much for taking your time to explain these signs to me. As Val already mentioned, besides your modeling skills, it is your attention to detail that turns your layout into something special.
  2. doctorwayne

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    Thanks, Val, for your kind remarks regarding the switcher. I also have a loco awaiting an all-weather cab (plus a lot of other details). It's a brass USRA 2-10-2 that I'm converting into a CNR T-3-a for my friend cn nutbar. I also have an old Pacific with an all-weather cab that's awaiting conversion into a Grand Valley loco, which means that cab and an Elesco fwh have to go. Also in the shop are two Bachmann 4-6-0s, in need of new cabs, rebuilt tenders and modernized domes, cylinders and appliances, along with a pair of Bachmann Consolidations. One is awaiting a rebuild as a fifth Grand Valley 2-8-0, while the other, completely torn down (and I do mean completely) will become a CNR N-2-b. All of these projects are on hold on account of the ongoing house renovation, which I hope will be done in a month or so.

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    That is nice. :thumb: Roooooly rooly nice. :) :D :thumb:
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    Kurt, you're most welcome, as I'm always glad to answer questions or share knowledge with other modellers. By the way, you're no slouch yourself when it comes to "attention to detail", as attested to by your fine photos in the Loco of the Week thread. Excellent work.


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