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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by CAS, Apr 20, 2005.

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    I have searching the web for maps of either illinois central rr, and illinois central gulf rr. but i'm not having any luck finding any. I didn't find any where it can help me model ceertain ares or routes of the trains. can someone please suggest where i can look or go to find maps on these different rr.

    I am thinking about doing either one of this 2 rr due to that i leave in illinois, and it would be easy for me to take photographs of stations and yard buildings and so on. If someone can please help, i would really appreciate it.

  2. 60103

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    Cas: are talking today or some previous time? Rand McNally published railroad atlases of the US. I have a 1920s (reprint) and a 1980s (or so). These only show RR lines and major towns; no highways.
    There is a modern set of North American RR Atlas that shows a lot more detail. These are grouped by sets of states but seem pricey.
  3. CAS

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    thanks 60103,

    i am looking to model the years of 1960ish to the present.

  4. Groove

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    Google maps? at least you'd have the sat photo's too.

    that may not give enough detail though
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    ...United States Geological Survey maps are a fine tool. They state the year of the last survey and sometimes indicate what has changed. Railroads are shown along with the topographic details- elevation contours, etc. You can figure out why they ran where they ran. Some of the dense regions are spectacular, showing huge (and small) yards, etc. I remember a Suffern, NY map I had still showed the location of the turntable as abandonned- but it was on the map. Kewl stuff.

    It's more fun to find a store that has them- you can locate a dealer in your neighborhood online.


    Do a little surfing on their site.


  6. Muddy Creek

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    Illinois Central Maps can be found at the I.C. Historical Society:

    Lots of other IC info there, too.


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