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    I,m looking for information on a train set that was sold in the late sixties or early seventies. I'm not sure of the gauge, except that it was larger than HO. The engine was steam in plastic with 5 or 6 cars. I think it had 2 rail track in a oval, with 2 swithes and a curved siding. All the track was permanently mounted to plastic scenery pieces about 18" square. These pieces interlocked to make a 4' by 8' layout. The scenery had roads on it and a small mountain with a tunnel on one corner. I believe that you could of gotten the set with a smoking engine. (Not that my parents got me that) Any help would be appreciated. Or if you have picked one up the the Reno Nev. area that the roads have been striped by a 2nd grader with model paint and a brush. I want it back.

    Thanks VC:confused:
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    Hi VC:
    I think what you're talking about is American Flyer's "All Aboard" sets that they put out in the mid sixties. Flyer is two rail "S" gauge equipment and these sets had "Pikemaster" track which had the plastic ties. Don't know much about it beyond what i just told you. Do some searching on that topic and see what you find. There's a series of videos, something about a boys club or train club, they were TV shows in the same time period. REALLY they were half hour infomercials for AC Gilbert. But they might show you some film of these layouts.

    Also, Hobby Surplus Supply in CT sells buildings and scenery taken from these modules. They might be able to give you more info as well.
    Good luck.

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