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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by gpep, Jan 31, 2006.

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    I served 8 years in the USAF in the AGM-28 Honud Dog Missile program (4years at Wright-Patterson AFB and 4 years at Chanute AFB as an instructor). I am very proud to be a Hound Dog veteran and would love to have any photos or drawings (suitable for framing) or models of the missile. Can anyone help me?

    I am looking forward to hearing from some of you...not only to get photos or models, but to chat about "the old days".

    Thanks a bunch

  2. Ashrunner

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    Hey G.W.

    Didn't you design a model of a Hounddog? Looks like you can release it again.

    Gpep...I wasn't a Hound Dogger, but I was stationed at Kincheloe AFB 72-73. We had H model BUFFs which carried the missile. My job was aircraft refueling and as such, took care of most of the liquids used by things on base, including the, and if this is wrong, I am sorry...its been more than 30 years, anhydrous ammonia which we would pump into the Hound Dog. Don't quite remember what it was used for, but I believe it was for cooling or something like that.

    Filling a Hound Dog one time, dang near killed me when the environmental suit and Scott Air Pack I was wearing at the time, had an area open to the outside world. The ammonia leaked in, over powered me and I passed out. If it wasn't for my safety man and the tech working on the AGM-28 pulling me out in time, I would have been one of the few "done in" by a Hound Dog. 8v)

    Anyway, if G.W. can't find his copy, I think mine is around here somewhere and if I can dig it up, I'll forward it to you.

    And, welcome to the forums. You know...a funny thing happened to me on my way to th....8v)
  3. Gil

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    The Anhydrous Ammonia was used as an attack boost for the turbojet. As your experience documents it made the missile difficult to prep for missions...,

    If any of us ever gets around to building a Buff two of these hanging beneath the wings would look very agressively cool...,

  4. Ashrunner

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    Gil...thanks for info on the AA junk. 8v) The redraw/repaint of the GPM B-52 I am slowly working on, will include an H model, tail #60028, the BUFF I watched collapse on the runway at Kincheloe. It will have Hound Dogs under each wing, which is one reason I was glad Greg released a model of one.

    A very grainy and difficult to see photo of "Balls-28" sitting on the runway after the accident shows something between the engine nacelles on both wings. Not sure what they are, but they could be forward firing flare dispensers. Well, back to my current redesign project. Having problems getting it just right.

    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys,

    Yes I did release a simple Hound dog about a yr ago, Eric Truax, aka Scudbusted, Has it posted on his "" website along with his regulus I and II models and My other quick simple build of the adm 20 quail missile.
    The AGM 28 Hound dog is the last item on the page. The link to the free downloads of all of the aforementioned models is below:

    Just remember, they are simple models,
    Hope this is whatcha was looking for, have a good day,

    Greg aka GW

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    Click on the "Link to fullsize image" to download the PDF file.

    Maybe I missed something but I almost could not find the file.


    GEEDUBBYA Active Member

    Howdy Guys,

    Sorry for leaving that tidbit of info out ( I know its not a tidbit, matter of fact its how ya download, but it makes me feel better to think of it as a small omittance on my part).
    Anyway, thanks for posting that John, I appreciate it.

    have a good day,

    Greg aka GW
  8. Bowdenja

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    No Problem!:grin:
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    AGM-28 Missile Model

    Does anybody have a copy of the Hound dog missile model that GW created? If so, where can I get it. The "Our" website doesn't have it. I'm into the old missile models, and would love to have this one.

    Thanks, fil
  10. snark1950

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    hounddog and quail missile models

    if anyone can point me to where to get the two above missile I would greatly apperciate it thanks
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  12. snark1950

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    be more than glad to do that

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