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Discussion in 'N / Z Scale Model Trains' started by Virginian, Apr 24, 2001.

  1. Virginian

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    Hi y'all
    I've looked through Walther's, but I can't find any N&W cabooses. Not the REAL ones, any way...I mean...N&W designed and built their own, first wood then, starting in , oh, about 1960- or there abouts, steel, that at a distance, look about the same, but with brighter red paint.
    Does any one know of any plain cupola type, not extended view N scale models of "older" cabooses?? I think I may have to kit bash/scratch build my own to make thbem look like the "real thing"
    VGN :cool"
  2. Drew1125

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    Hey VGN!
    I know that Con-Cor & Micro-Trains both make a wooden caboose. Con-Cor has one lettered for the N&W (223-126207 in Walther's). I'm not sure how close a match it is to the prototype. It might be a good starting point though.
    Good Luck!

    BTW - Micro-Trains makes theirs in either straight or slanted cupola.
  3. dbn160

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    There is a nice photo of a steam era N&W
    steel caboose at this URL

    From looking at the autos in the background this photo is from the late 1940's-early
    1950's. LifeLike makes a caboose which is similar but does not have the small window near the center of the caboose.

    The model would be painted bright red with
    white lettering.

    N(&W) Joy

    Don B
  4. Virginian

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    Thanks Charlie, I'll check it out!

    Thanks Don,
    I looked at the caboose, then back tracked to the fella's whole site...some great loco images(Yclass, all sub classes) and another caboose, plus a great shot of the yards at Roanoke in '39...before the Mill Mtn. Star!! I'll check out that LL model...I think between my Dremel and hot knife, I might just be able to put in that missing window! I have quite a few color pics to work "N&W in Color" by Jim Nichols...but they are mostly long yard shots, so the detail of 'your' b&w close ups will be a great help...and, of course, when I do get back 'home', I'll bet there's a restored 'cabin car' at VMT at the old freight terminal!!!

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