Sea scapes

Discussion in 'Dioramas & Displays' started by barry, Nov 24, 2004.

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    Amazing! Finally some life-like water. The best I've seen (although I haven't been looking as hard as some of you guys).

    Makes even me want to alight on the waves for a spell - I'm thinking a Cub on floats, an Aeronca on floats, and even a Sunderland - if I could find on of the old 1/33 kits (Fly model, was it?) - Leif
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  4. Gil

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    Anyone ever put floats on a P-39?

  5. Bowdenja

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    If anyone can......... Leif is the man!

    Thanks for the link..........that guy is really an artist. I'd like to see the complete model whenever he finishes.
  6. mapuc

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    Yea I'm astonished about this great job he has done.

  7. Gil

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    I read an article in one of the model railroad magazines in which the author was using clear silicone to create the water effect on top of interior blue acrylic house paint. One problem with such believable water is that the suspension of disbelief created must also be equaled in the craftsmanship of the model.

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    Seascapes: Perhaps a Translation?

    Hi Group!
    This water surface does, indeed, look good!

    The instructions? (Hint, hint, nudge,nudge etc)

  9. barry

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    Fish carver

    Russian is one of the few languages that auto translates well I used Google toolbar to read it.

  10. Gil

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