Sea Port Model Works 63' Sardine Carrier

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  1. I just purchased the model mentioned here and I wanted to know what would this be hauling? Would it be a fishing boat for sardines? Also, any ideas on what to model it as, and were can I get detail photos of this ship?

    Walthers Listing:
    63' Sardine Carrier (8 1/2" Long x 2" Wide)
    Walthers Part # 663-H115HO, p. 776 Walthers 2008 HO Scale Reference
    HO scale, $59.95, currently in stock at Walthers
    This product is on-sale today for $51.98

    The handsome vessel is typical of the sardine/coastal freight carriers, trawlers and draggers common on both east and west coasts from the 1920s to the present. Waterline model (flat bottom) incorporates many features of the prototypes. Designed for easy assembly with superb detail, the kit includes both resin and metal castings.
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