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    You are a very talented modeler Sasko. Everything is so neat and seamless. I would love to see pictures of your next model!

    I also have a question. Did you purchase the canopy or did you make it yourself? It looks very nice either way. I'm must curious.
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    Hi again, Sasko:

    As I said in your MI-28 post ... you are very talented. Love your work.

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    thats very cool..
    I remember about 15 years ago I got a book that you built a 1/72nd harrier but used the book cover as a diroma of the flight deck of HMS would have looked very cool sitting there (Including the towing vehicle) but I didnt have the sill to get past the deck and towing truck....:(

    The 1/72 kit was printed on 180lb stock so that didnt help as far as I can remember so I have been turned off Harriers for a while...but thats a great kit...who makes it? Id liek to have a go too

    john John
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    John John
    I'm pretty sure that this is the Halinski kit. However, Maly Modelarz published a 1:33 scale Harrier also.
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    Amazing work! Thanks for sharing the photos. Your work is inspirational.

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