SdKfz 234 "Puma" Available

Discussion in 'Kit Announcements' started by NOBI, Jun 28, 2005.

  1. NOBI

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    Oooo, I see the next one I'm going to build as soon as I can.

    Btw, I plan to get your Huey model also to build for my brother but I was wondering if you have plans to do an AH-64A Apache gunship or an OH-58D Kiowa Warrior scout? My brother flew the Kiowa's in Iraq for a year and now that he's been retrained for the Apache's they are going to put him back in Iraq. So before he leaves (a few months or so) I'd like to build him one of each of the Helicopters that he's flown. Well, besides the Huey, Kiowa, and Apache he's also flown the OH-6 littlebird and a 2-bladed kiowa (maybe a "C" model) but those first three would be the ones I'd like to build most.

    Anyways, the Puma is on my will be done soon list.
  3. NOBI

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  4. Bowdenja

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    Dang Nobi,

    I saw you asking if Roman about you??!!

    This looks really good, your going to turn me into a AFV junkie at this rate!

  5. NOBI

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    that Puma not use much time to build, use around 3 hours to finish this model (or less for experience modeller) too bad that there is less AFV's fan around here :( a ton of puma park in my shop wait for your purchase :p hurry up...:)
  6. NOBI

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  7. jrts

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    Hi Nobi

    Got mine today and you can bet that it jump the cue of a few others to be built :lol:

    For the poxy three bucks its a must.

    I had a good look at this and it will build great and for the guys who love detail well it just screams to be built.
    The scope for the detailed mob in this group us is unlimited.

    Mine will be bangging out of the printer soon for shure.

    Thanks again Nobi for another great design

    Look forward to the next soon, but do take care of those eye's

  8. ramatoto

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    Hi Folks,

    has everyone ever build this Vehicle? Any problems?

  9. Jim Krauzlis

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    I gather some have, Ralf, but I don't see any photos or comments posted other than the older posts above...and the new web page doesn't let you click on the Puma to see more pictures of the finished model, as far as I could tell.
    I wonder what Nobi is working on presently?

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