SDF Macross Cake model

Discussion in 'Gallery & Designs' started by Bad_Scorpion, Jul 8, 2009.

  1. Bad_Scorpion

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    New project just about completed just had to saw a clip on anime site and saw this so had to make it.

    Just about completed just gotta set intersects for tubing and then will unfold and post. BTW once this model is finished I would like only this site to have it available, unless you ask me otherwise. To many issues with other sites taking ownership for something they didn't do.
    sdf cake.jpg

    I know the arms are a little longer but will probably need to be for additional support to keep from toppling over. Criticism welcome though.
  2. ThunderChild

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  3. Bad_Scorpion

    Bad_Scorpion Member

    Okay I know not a fancy model or anything but hey just had to make it since I saw the image. Finishing up on the layout of the pdo. Will set to pdf format then upload it isn't very big so wont be a problem. Should be up within the hour. Also if anyone has any input as to what scale please let me know otherwise I am posting it as a 12 inch tall model and 8 inch.
  4. rapierdragon

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    missing head/bridge

    Not sure if you missed it or thought it was part of the background... but where the head should be is a head-sized red heart.

    Its hard to tell in the screen-cap, but it looks teh heart is thick and curved, like a heart-shaped balloon, rather than a thin heart-shaped cookie.

    Course, a heart would look even less like the ship than the ship-looking cake, but you could always do your own modification. Make the bridge/head out of cake but instead of the round yellow eye-thing do a red heart. Then the head could be 98% cake with a small heart-shaped cookie.

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